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Tech Meets Fashion in a Fascinating Mash Up

Technology and fashion combine to create an addictive experience that is may not remain to exotic for long. Since the 1970s technology has entered the human psyche as something that is always fashionable. In the true spirit of keeping up with the Joneses we now have to have the latest in gadgets that give is convenience and signal our purchasing power. The combination of fashion and technology then, would be natural. This is exactly what is happening in the high fashion fields. How long will it be before the average Joe is sporting a set of iPants? Maybe not next century.


The combination of technology and high fashion is officially becoming a movement. Fashion designers love what delivers, and technology does exactly that. Consumers are hard-wired to find satisfaction from electronic devices, so why not use this trend in the fashion? Innovation and functionality should and can work together. Anouk Wipprecht, Dutch fashion designer and technology enthusiast is a key part of this effort to marry the realms of fashion and tech. She states in a recent interview that technology is like a playground. Wipprecht is known for her imaginative designs. She has created a self-painting dress and cocktail making dress. Technology doesn’t mean a lack of concern over the environment. In fact, tech fashion designers are recycling materials to create new and appealing lines that appeal to techies and hippies alike.


Christopher Burch is an international real estate investor and entrepreneur. In 2011, Mr. Burch created C. Wonder, an accessories and apparel retailer, which was later bought by the company Xcel Brands. As of July 2014, Mr. Burch teamed up with beloved entertainer, Ellen DeGeneres, to create and promote a lifestyle brand called ED by Ellen Degeneres. He has also been responsible for several real estate development projects of interest. With his company Cocoon9, Burch focused on the luxury prefab homes market, envisioning a living space that operated on Tiny House principals. These homes are known for their space-saving floor plans and contemporary designs.


Burch’s portfolio also shows the make of an individual who is concerned with climate objectives. He has created sustainable and stylish houses for the hospitality sourcing company Bur+Mah. Currently, he is supporting the creation of more innovative niche consumer products brands. These products will span across the retail, hospitality and fashion industry. He may even be responsible for bringing a tech meets fashion brand to life soon.


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