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Talk Fusion Technology Advancements

Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a creative, high quality video communication marketing company based out of Brandon, Florida. Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after he encountered a problem trying to send a video email. Bob Reina was viewing a home. He was interested in purchasing the home, but he wanted to get his family’s opinion about the house. When he tried to send the message, he was informed that the video could not be delivered.

Bob Reina contacted AOL to see if they could make the feature available. But they told him that video communication was impossible to create. He decided to make the impossible possible. He met with his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen that had excellent knowledge of technology. They put their heads together and in 2007 Talk Fusion was launched. Bob Reina quit his job as a police officer to follow his passion. His family thought he was crazy, but his company has become a big success.

Talk Fusion has launched innovative, high quality products that have significantly changed the lives of the people that he decided to use the products. They have released a new and improved program that allows real-time communication. The application uses the WebRTC. This new program will enable people to deliver one way videos and operate video based conferences.

Talk Fusion is creating a new efficient way for corporations to hold meetings. Business meetings are no longer limited to the boardroom ( The new program allows companies to be flexible in the setting of their meetings. 15 people are allowed to host the conference, and 500 people are allowed to participate. The program is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and computers. Talk Fusion wants the people that use their programs to be able to not only host meetings at and in convenient places but using the device they have readily available to them.

Talk Fusion has made a significant advantage to their technology by cutting out the time it takes to download programs that will allow you to run the software. The new software does not require a download, so you don’t have to worry about being late to the meeting. You can join the conference without rushing and getting a headache because the software is glitching.

Bob Reina has created a company that exceeds the needs of his customers.




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