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Susan McGalla: Winning In A Male Dominated World

Do women have equal position and opportunity in the business marketplace? This is a question that has been asked frequently as of late. Once this question wasn’t even considered, when considering the many laws and statutes that have been instituted over the years to assure women had their voice heard. But even though much has been done to make sure that women have their day in the sun, in many cases they are treated as less than equal.

Consider some of the in-depth studies that have been conducted over the years concerning women in executive roles. For the most part, women in higher, decision-making roles are far less frequent than men. Some studies show that only 15% of executive boards have women on them. Another surprising statistic shows that just 1% of businesses in America are run by women.

There are even huge gaps when it comes to how much women get paid as opposed to men. A study recently showed that women receive only 75% of the salary that a man doing the same position receives. Age, education or experience did not factor in. Regardless of experience or training, women still received far less in pay than men for doing the same job.

Even though there is much to be concerned about with these numbers, many women are taking it in stride. They see these numbers not as a hindrance, but as an opportunity to expand their reach in the business world. Many women are going into business on their own, bypassing the traditional ways of male oriented business practices, and taking their own careers into their hands. Now there are not only businesses, but entire business supply chains that are maintained, run and operated by women exclusively.

Although these changes are occurring all over the American business climate, women are still making inroads in the traditional business sense. There are some leading women who have taken the bull by the horns and may paths of success in the business landscape once dominated by men.

Susan McGalla has worked in many facets in the clothing and marketing industries. She began her career working for the clothier Joseph Horn Company, taking the role of one of their main marketers. From that successful assignment, she assumed the CEO position at American Eagle Outfitters, where she continued to show her market savvy and leadership expertise. From there, she took over the reins of Wet Seal, one of the largest clothing and accessory companies in the world. She continued her career, taking a prime position as the Director of Strategic Planning for the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prnewswire’s McGalla has an amazing background, and a wealth of experience that she has used extensively in her many positions. She leaves behind a number of companies who successfully grew under her tenure. She continues her career working for HFF Inc., a massive capital venture firm and real estate investor.

There is no doubt that there are many setbacks and road blocks for women, even in the present age. But women who have blazed their own trail, and made it to new heights in business are appearing more and more. Individuals such as McGalla show that it can be done, and that all women can not only survive in a male dominated business world, but also thrive and excel.

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