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Susan McGalla Paves The Way For Women In The Boardroom

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman and entrepreneur has paved the way for women seeking to break that glass ceiling. She has successfully run two Fortune 500 businesses and currently runs her own firm P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

The reason for McGalla’s success is because she was fearless. Growing up in a family with two older brothers and a father football coach laid the groundwork for her success. She was raised with a work ethic that let her know that nothing is given. If she wanted to be successful, she had to work hard to get it. And her gender was absolutely not a reason for failure.

McGalla took that attitude into the workplace, where she was highly-respected by her peers and her gender was never a consideration.

After she graduated from Union College, she went to work for Joseph Horne Co. She worked in a number of positions, including marketing and sales. She moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. This is where she made her mark. McGalla says she saw very few women in the boardroom. But through her hardwork, she was finally promoted to CEO.

During her tenure at American Eagle Outfitters, the company’s sales skyrocketed. After her work was done, McGalla decided to go out on a limb and open her own company.

Her P3 Executive Consulting helps start-up companies that need help with staffing, financial advice, sales, marketing and other business solutions.

McGalla is the current Director of Marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. She also serves on a number of local boards.

One of her favorite things to do is travel the nation giving speeches to women who are trying to make it in the business world. But she also enjoys the autonomy of owning her company and calling the shots.

She says she is hoping that more women reach her level of success.

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