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Stream Cares is the Philanthropic Face of Stream Energy

There are many instances where companies go above and beyond in the way they reach out to communities. Often times said companies have been providing services for quite some time, but it is isn’t until one major event that those contributions come to light. For Dallas-based direct energy seller Stream Energy, the event was Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey ripped through many Dallas communities and Stream was right there offering as much support as possible. It funded many recovery initiatives and even provided huge breaks to customers affected by the disaster. Many might see this as going above and beyond but for Stream it was another normal day at the office.

This is because philanthropy is part of Stream Energy’s business model. It is as integral as a memo. Stream Energy believes in charity so much it actually created a separate philanthropy wing inside its own company to handle it. This wing is called Stream Cares, and it functions as a full fledged charity organization attached to Stream itself.

Stream Cares uses resources and funds from Stream to support local charities throughout Dallas. It worked with agencies like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to lend aid during Hurricane Harvey, and supports many initiatives that advocate for homelessness. Stream Cares is a proud partner of Hope Supply Co., which provides diapers, school supplies, and clothes for homeless children. Stream not only funds such charities it also assists them in planning community events. Stream executives volunteer, and Stream itself provides a special service. For Hope Supply Co.’s partnered Splash for Hope event, Stream Cares covered the entrance fees and meals for over 1,000 homeless kids that attended.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a direct energy seller and alternative energy provider that operates in seven states throughout the U.S. Like many alternative energy sources Stream provides cheaper rates and provides a wide variety of plans. It also sets itself apart by treating its energy provision like a hedge fund portfolio. In an effort to create better customer service Stream executives personally deal with customers they bring in. Stream also donates a lot of money to charity initiatives through its Stream Cares organization.

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