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Stratford Shields and the Changing World

Stratford Shields is well aware that the world is changing. This means that as a person in the finance world he would need to know how it is changing to be able to prepare for the future. As someone who is the world of bonds and capital markets Stratford Shields makes certain to keep his skills in tact and works to be the very best in what he does.

Stratford Shields knows that the human workforce is something that is undergoing massive shifts and is in the process of learning more about it as he interacts with different clients in the capital markets.

He would be aware of the situation happening in California where the governor of the state is opening up a new commission.

To see how to protect human workforce from getting obliterated by technological developments, and how workforce and automation sectors could coexist in an environment that is viable to both.

What Does the Workforce Commission Entail?

As noted above, the original text of the commission’s proposition has gone through some adjustments ever since Newsom announced it in May 2019. But the real meat of the initiative still exists in all its glory.

The name of the commission has certainly changed to show a more modern and justified outlook on this in-depth study into the effects of technology. After all, Commission on Tech Equity has a less hostile ring to it than the overall Future of Work from the perspective of the tech industry.

But conforming to better sounding standards isn’t the only thing that the commission is pulling off at this moment. According to the current text of the proposition as available on the California Legislative Information portal, the commission is still focused on pulling off its original objective, which was to create an environment where humans could depend on their job security in the face of growing tech and automation.

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