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Status Labs Announces 2015 Was A Strong Year

With 2015 closing down, the winners and losers of the business world are becoming obvious. Status Labs, a digital marking and online reputation management company, have announced that 2015 was their best year so far.
Status Labs is the brain child company of President and Co-Founder Darius Fisher. The company deals in public relations crisis management, online reputation management, search engine optimization, and both social media and content marketing. The company has been able to carve out a profitable niche for themselves by focusing mainly on digital reputation management. Seeing the worlds shift to all things internet, they have employed a strong team that specializes in this area and can focus on the new shift in how reputations are built and damaged.
With offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo, Status Labs serves over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. They have managed to amass high profile clientele including Fortune 500 companies, political figures, and public figures including athletes. With Fisher’s strong ties to the business world, he has managed to build Status Labs partnerships with numerous agencies and influencers that have resulted in the ability to recruit both domestic as well as international accounts.
Status Labs credits their recent 39% revenue growth, which is up 939% since the company began in 2012, with their strong team of digital and tech specialists. In 2015, the company was able to bring in 160 new clients across all their service areas. The company feels that their unique ability to solve any digital communication issue by their team of experts is the key to their year of stellar success. The companies year of rapid growth has also led them to a 12% increase in their workforce for the year. They have plans to continue to add new talented members to their teams in all their offices.

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