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Stars Were Out On The Town This Weekend

It sounds like there were a lot of celebrities out on the town this weekend, and according to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, Leonardo DiCaprio went to a few clubs and even went out to grab some ice cream as well. In addition to that, Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley were spotting eating dinner at the I1 Mulino too and Karlie Kloss was seen with Josh Kushner at a ice cream location too.

It is interesting to hear about where these stars go on their time off, but it is also bizarre to follow him the way they did. Sam Tabar ( agrees that even though celebrities have this spot in the public that many other people don’t get, it shouldn’t be too shocking to hear about them doing normal every day things that we all do too. Although it can be fun to hear about a star going some place that we have recently been to ourselves, or some place that we go on a regular basis and all of that. It must be fun to run into them from time to time and I wonder how it feels for them to be watched so closely. Donald Trump was also seen at Fresco by Scotto too, which shouldn’t be shocking to hear him going to one of these locations. It can be intense to fight off the media, but at the same time they might expect it.

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