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Someone Pays To Have Skywriting Over New York About Justin Bieber

One way to know that you’ve really made it is when people start talking about you, and they’re advertising your name without your permission. Although some stars sue over the use of their likeness, or if their name is used without their permission, maybe Justin Bieber doesn’t mind. For some reason, someone decided to start skywriting over New York this past weekend, and they were talking about Justin Bieber. The Justin Bieber Sky Writing. They stated that Justin Bieber is a “smilophile,” which is not even a word. In fact, if they were trying to comment on Justin Bieber’s smile, they may have just insulted his smile instead.

The word they chose to use for Justin’s smile sounds more like the word “pedophile,” which is a negative thing, instead of just saying that they like his smile. It’s unknown who decided to put up the skywriting, and no one knows why it was done, and it completely baffled anyone who saw the plane flying overhead. It’s unlikely that Justin Bieber had anything to do with the sky writing because he would have at least made them talk about him in a positive light, and they’d use real words.

Daniel Amen ( agrees that it’s possible that Justin Bieber has a very dedicated fan who has a lot of money to waste on bad spelling, which ends up being sky written over New York. Either way, Justin has gotten some free press, without even having to spend a dollar of his own money.

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