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Slyce Inc Announces Partnership With SHOES.COM For The 3 Month Ended 2015

The last three months have possibly been of great and interesting moves for Slyce Inc. in the market. Slyce has been active in establishing both business advancements and technological advancements. The last partnership established by the company from a release in was with SHOES.COM the world’s most developing retailer leading in the North America with shoes retail. The firm has also been successful in online marketing especially with women shoes wares. The snap finds technology allows the purchase of products just with a tap which Slyce is powering through visual search technology to enable shoppers to get a variety from handbags, Jewelry, pets’ accessory children and men fashions. October was a month where Slyce also included the contacts of it with Shoe Carnival and Urban Outfitters so as to integrate the technology of Slyce in all the purchase made through a tap.

Tap technology enables buying of products through inspiration; Slyce is also offering private placement financing to its lead investors different from the past strategy which was short-term prospects. The lead investor also has an opportunity to subscribe for more units of the company among other investments. The transaction and the financial decision are definitely huge for Slyce, and it was made in February 2016. Technology wise Slyce is trying to integrate more customers through technology approaches like unified software development kits .the kits allow packaging of products and automating the product feed which is an effort to minimize the client’s integration.

Other technological solutions include a universal scanner and proprietary retail technology solution. The development targets to increase the versions of shopping in the e-commerce website. The online strategies look forward to increasing the number of online customers and increased sales together with curbing the neglect of cart.

Universal scanners enable automatic recognition of automated objects which Slyce Inc. is working to include the retailer efforts for more production output through technology. The performance of Slyce in the market was average at the start of its financial year, but the company has adopted rigorous sales technologies and procedures which have highly increased the rate of performance of the firm. The only challenge the firm is facing according to the director is securing additional finance considering the tough economic environment.

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