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Skout Travel app hits 10 million uses in just 15 months

The global social app, Skout has grown quickly since it was founded in 2007 to become one of the most popular and trusted ways of connecting with people and making new friends around the World. PR Newswire that Skout are now celebrating the successful launch of the latest app developed within the Skout brand, Skout Travel that has hit more than 10 million uses in just 15 months of life. Skout are now hoping to expand on this recent app innovation will continue to grow into one of the most important and trusted app in the world of virtual travel and tourism.

The Skout app itself is not a dedicated travel feature, instead the app allows users to link with people within their community with similar interests and is generally targeted at the generation known as Millennials. The Travel app was added to Skout in 2013 and has become an almost instant success as it allows individuals to form circles of friends and contacts in areas of the World they wish to travel to. This is seen as a great way of planning trips and making friends before arriving in a specific area of the World.

Skout and the associated Skout Travel feature can be downloaded in either an iOS or Android form and is available in over 180 countries and 14 different languages. The Skout Travel app itself has been thoroughly researched by the company in a bid to identify who is using it the most, when and where. The discoveries made during this research make for enlightening reading, with the news that women are twice as likely as men to use the virtual travel option to open up their options when embarking on their travels. Some of the top locations Skout Travel users have visited in large numbers over the 15 months the app has been in use include Miami, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. A two day free use event has also been announced from January 15 through January 17 2015, the full press release can be found at this link.


Destiny Rylan says:

Again if you sit down now and think of the statistics again, looking at this rate, it is remarkable that Skout has reached such number. Although checks needs to be done and uk superior papers reviews should not be the case where there is users that are not active and virtually not real. As though this is not a problem, recently the facebook team has come ot to own up the fact about fake or inactive users that we have to live with.

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