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Singer Joe Cocker Loses Life to Cancer

As the news was released, Joe Cocker was a famous singer who hailed from England and was known for his unique scratchy voice and rock-n-roll style of music. 

He first became popular in the late 60’s when he played at the famous concert Woodstock, which resulted in his first number one hit. He then went on a world-wide tour that set his career on track to go straight to the top. He had a number one hit with his song from the sound track “An Officer and a Gentleman” which also won him a Grammy award and an Emmy. After that, there was no looking back, as that was just the first of many number one hits for Joe Cocker from his forty plus albums he released. He was also famous for the design of the album cover for one of the Beatle’s biggest and most famous albums that resulted in carrying on a friendship with the Beatles that spanned his entire career. 

Dr. Daniel Amen and report that he entertained people world-wide in concerts all over the world and had a career that spanned for over 40 years. He was loved by everyone in the entertainment industry and as social media has been flooded with messages for the famous entertainer, he obviousely will be sorely missed by them all.


Nial Kenneht says:

He had worked ceaselessly and had last engaged individuals with a show in England this late spring. Artist and symbol, Joe Cocker has kicked the bucket, subsequent to losing a fight with lung disease. There are ways in which the best essay websites could have everything outlined for the long run and it makes more than enough sense that way too.

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