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Sergey Petrossov Creates App To Make The Private Jet Industry More Efficient

Sergey Petrossov was named as one of Forbes “30 Under 30” for his success in the private jet industry. He is the CEO and founder of JetSmarter, an app that modernized that industry. He says that when he first flew on a private jet he was blown away by how archaic it was.

The plane was great, he said, but the experience of chartering it definitely wasn’t. Booking a private flight was like doing analog things in the digital world. Since he had been in tech start-ups since coming out of college, he said the whole experience was really familiar to him.

Sergey came up with the idea of JetSmarter in 2009. From that time until 2012 he would go to private trade shows and work as an advisor. He thought he could come up with an app that would make it a lot easier to locate and book private jets. Once he discovered that the industry was underutilized, he figured out how he could create a very successful company modernizing it.

Sergey Petrossov said that just a couple of people on a private flight it a highly ineffective use of a jet. He felt that there needed to be a sharing medium where people who also want to fly privately from one destination to another can share the plane. He knew coming up with an app would cost a lot, though, even if the idea didn’t require assets. He found funding for his company and launched JetSmarter in 2015. It has since received funding from pretty well-known backers such as Jay-Z and people in the Saudi Arabian royal family. Sergey Petrossov says his app offer lower costs for people that already fly privately and better access to newcomers. People can either schedule a flight on JetSmarter or book empty seats on those that are already scheduled.

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