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Sergey Petrossov: CEO and Founder of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, and co-founder of Federal System of Distance Education. JetSmarter is similar to Uber, which offers private jet booking and ride-sharing services. JetSmarter connects private jet owners with customers making travel accessible and easy.

Sergey Petrossov was born in Moscow Russia and emigrated from Russia at the age of 4 to the United States. Sergey spent most of his teenage and young adult years in Florida. He attended high school in south Florida and during that time he started a business which importing exported tire rims. He later attended the University of Florida where he began his interests in technology. Sergey also co-founded a company that offered Russian-speaking services for schools in Eastern Europe and Russia. Sergey has a strong drive to succeed as well as a strong work ethic. These qualities allowed Sergey to achieve his goal of starting a successful worldwide business which solves the issue of complicated private jet travel.

Sergey started his beta company in 2012, which was limited to private jet patrons who traveled frequently and industry patrons only. After his first experience on a private jet in 2009, he quickly noticed there was much-needed improvement to be made as well as growth opportunities in the industry. Sergey realized that he could apply his ideas to the mobile market which was becoming popular at the time. Sergey received funding from the Saudi royal family, celebrities, strategic and private investors, and top executives that he established professional relationships with.

In March 2013, JetSmarter was globally launched making it the largest online jet travel and lifestyle community in the world. JetSmarter has partnered with more than 800 carriers that have access to over 3,200 aircraft and over 10,000 members in over 170 countries with special benefits for members who pay their annual fee. Today Jetsmarter has expanded majorly with over 670,000 subscribers that provide over 14,000 services. Subscriber fees are $4,950 and $15,000 yearly. The company has plans to establish its own aircraft brand in the near future as well. JetSmarter has offices in Moscow, Riyadh, London, Dubai, and Zurich, and its headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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