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Sergey Petrossov: A Brief Introduction the Serial Entrepreneur’s Career Life

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is an app that allows private jet travel to cost less for people and be more understandable as well. The headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale but they have offices in locations such as London and Saudi Arabia. Both the Founder and CEO of this innovative app is serial entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov. According to Petrossov, 120 flights are available each day worldwide. The members of this app can go on previous flights, or they can manage their time or date for the trip. This service is currently available to more than 3,200 airplanes in 172 countries. This service comes for $15,000 for year one, and every year after that is $10,000. Finally, by 2017 the company already had 260 people working for them.


Sergey Petrossov lived in both Colorado and South Florida but finally moved to South Florida before being a teenager. For his college education, he studied finance at the University of Florida. However, college was not a high priority of his as he was more interested in getting to work on his first startup. This startup would allow chat for audio and video to appear on website customer service. He would be the co-founder of this start-up due to joining early. Here, he learned that a lot of value can come out of technology in less time. That made him confident that starting up companies and working in tech was something he wanted to spend his life doing.

Next, Sergey Petrossov decided to turn to private jet activation in 2009 after someone told him about a private jet company in South Florida. He then was invited to go on a flight and was asked for potential help on growing the company into Eastern Europe and Russia. He started doing consulting work while he was working on launching an ed-tech startup. Moving forward to 2012 he decided to create a real-time pricing engine. He and his small team would build a beta and prototype and gave it to the people they do who fly. The company would then get launched in March 2013.

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