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Securus Technologies to promote its Video Visitation service

Securus Technologies is an organization that offers civil and criminal justice technology solutions to monitoring, public safety and correctional centers in the US. Not long ago, Securus Technologies announced that it was launching a campaign that would be aimed at promoting the numerous benefits of the video visitation application in the correctional facilities.

The top management in the organization says that in the next thirty days, the institution will be focusing on promoting the video visitation app using commercials. These ads will demonstrate to the consumers the actual value of the service. Richard Smith, the president and chief executive officer of the company, has said that the institution has been connecting many people in the correctional facilities every month. Some of the friends and families can now connect to their loved ones in the prisons using their desktops and mobile phones. This group of people have said that this method is better and easier compared to the traditional visitation that would force the families to travel long distances just to see the inmates.



According to Richard Smith, the commercials from Securus Technologies will highlight all the benefits the prisoners and their loved ones will enjoy while using the video visitation service compared to the traditional methods. The new service is safer compared to the rest, and it uses the latest forms of technology to ensure that the inmates are connected to the people they love most. Children who are at home will be able to spend time with their parents in prison thanks to the video visitation app. The service will also help these groups to meet regularly, and it will be cheaper compared to the traveling costs incurred during the traditional visitation. The new remote video visitation will be very beneficial to the inmates and their families during the Christmas holidays.



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