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Securus Is Constantly Collecting The Most Damning Evidence Against Criminals For Law Enforcement

The most damning information within a criminal case is a confession. When a particular suspect confesses to committing a crime, there is no turning back. There is a reason police officers read you your Miranda rights upon arrest. They are reminding you that you have constitutional protections and that anything you say can be used against you.


Not many people are aware that we have an adversarial criminal justice system. Police officers are constantly trying to collect information from the general public. The Constitution gives every American citizen certain protections, but outside Miranda rights police officers will rarely remind you of those protections. Instead, they are trying to pressure you into confessing to criminal activity because it is the most powerful evidence against you.


Securus Technologies has recently innovated a new software program that allows law enforcement officers to collect a stunning amount of confessions. The telecommunications company does this by recording every single prisoner phone call within the jail that they service.


It would be impossible to monitor every single phone call made to a jail within the United States. But this software technology allows police officers to dig deep into every single recorded telephone call made to a jail in order to pull out a specific nugget of information. It does this by monitoring every phone call for certain catchphrases and it allows police officers to search the entire digital database for one person’s voice.


Buried deep within this massive amount of digital information is plenty of confessions. Some of the confessions are partially using coded language. Other confessions are direct, gleaned from phone calls made to family and friends. This powerful technological innovation allows law enforcement officers to collect the most damning evidence against any criminal with a touch of a button. Securus Technologies is striving to make us all safer.


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