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Seat Filler Tells Secrets At The Oscars

Everybody knows that they allow seat fillers at the Oscars. They must have a full-house and those who don’t get a ticket have the option of being a filler. For Monica Enriquez, being a seat filler has become a career said Bernardo chua. According to her twitter account, for┬áthe past fifteen years she has filled the seats at the Oscars. She said it is kind of like playing musical chairs, as she has been all over the auditorium. She is supposed to sit in the seats of the celebrities while they are up accepting the awards or presenting.

A seat filler is not allowed to take pictures. They are not allowed to talk to the celebrities at all, that is unless they talk to you first. A smile is acceptable. There is no pay for this position and the work is on a voluntary basis. Some do it, like Enriquez, just to get a moment in the spot light beside so many famous people. She admits sitting next to Brad Pitt and having Julia Roberts smile at her was enthralling.

Her most memorable experience was two years at the Emmy Awards when the dress of a lady in front of her ripped. She immediately was whisked away and came back with the dress repaired. She said she wouldn’t trade her fancy game of musical chairs for anything in the world. She loves the excitement and the unpredictable nature of it all.

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