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Samuel Strauch Stays Ahead Of The Market

Samuel Strauch is the owner and founder of Metrik a real estate holding company located in South Florida. Metrik is a real estate brokerage, land developer and property management service. Metrik has been in business since 2003.

In 2002, Samuel Strauch began his business in Miami. At that time, Miami was in a state of change. It was turning from a tourist oriented city to a major international metropolis. Even from that point, it took entrepreneurial creativity to see what the future had in store for Miami and elsewhere and to marshall the contacts and resources to take advantage of it. During the last fifteen years, Miami has become the doorway to South America, and Strauch and Metrik has certainly made their contribution to the Miami of today.


If you ask Samuel Strauch, being forward thinking and creative is an absolute must in the years to come. We no longer have the same work patterns and locations as our parents or grandparents. The living and work practices of future generations will be be in a constant state of change. Metrik puts a lot of effort into analysis of trends and technology and when they make a calculated gamble as to what the future will hold, they’re usually right.

Strauch often says his most important functions are in dealing with the people he already has established relationships with. Much of what keeps everything flowing for Metrik involves strengthening existing business, and maintaining a robust referral network according to Prospecting for new growth is important, but, seeing opportunities amongst the resources and contacts a person already has takes a lot of creativity.

Working to the mutual benefit of partners and investors as well as his own company aligns with one of Samuel Strauch’s key principles. Every deal must be win win. Samuel Strauch has ventured into restaurants and other side endeavors based on this principle.

Samuel Strauch will rely on his creativity to navigate the future. Given his track record, he’ll have many people working with him. Metrik will do just fine.

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