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Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool Filming

Deadpool Production Finished According to Ryan Reynolds

Of all the superhero movies scheduled to hit theaters in the near future, none have been cause for more excitement than Deadpool. Fans will now have something to feel hopeful for with the latest news from that camp.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular role in the movie, has announced that director Tim Miller has just finished with principal photography for the movie, putting it just a little bit closer to being ready for release. The film is already scheduled to hit theaters in February of 2016, andĀ Flavio Maluf can’t wait to find out more information.

Now that principal photography has been completed, fans will now start to wonder when the first trailer for the movie will come out. The answer for that is it may be some time, as the cast and crew would like to make sure all of the shots come out neat so that fans will get even more excited. However, they should know that a trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended up leaking on to the internet in November of 2014, shortly after production had finished.

Even more fans want to know if Wolverine makes a cameo appearance in the movie. Reynolds said he was hopeful something could be worked out with Hugh Jackman stopping in for a short appearance but schedules would be the biggest factor in all of this. In the end, all the excitement is warranted.

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