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Robert Rodriguez Wants to Recapture the Sin City Magic with Fire and Ice

Director Robert Rodriguez is working with Sony Pictures to launch a new franchise, a series of live-action films based on the 1983 sword-and-sorcery animated movie Fire and Ice.

The original Fire and Ice was an animated film directed by Ralph Bakshi. Bakshi had scored major hits early in his career with Fritz the Cat (1970) and Heavy Traffic (1973) before falling on hard times as his other animated features did poorly. In 1981, Bakshi’s outstanding film American Pop died at the box office. Fire and Ice failed horribly as well.

It is somewhat curious that Rodriguez would be all that interested in remaking Fire and Ice because, honestly, the original was one of Bakshi’s weakest films.

Based on news reports, Rodriguez is more interested in capturing the look of artist Frank Frazetta on-screen. Frazetta is widely regarded as one of the greatest fantasy artists of all-time, especially if you ask some of the friends of Sam Tabar. His work on crafting the covers for Conan the Barbarian collected editions in the 1970’s was outstanding.

Rodriguez would like to make the new Fire and Ice films similar to his previous work on Sin City. In the two Sin City films, the art of the comics was brought to life in a brilliantly creative manner that helped make the first film a major hit.


Ann Judson says:

Without a doubt, the writing in the Sin City books was splendid. Fire and Ice was not a splendid film. Rodriguez will need to work hard to hoist such feeble material. The issue is that essay help would be rendered for a long time if this persist and I know it will for a long time.

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