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Robert Kraft, The Leader of the Kraft Foundation

Robert Kraft is one of the natives of Brookline that has been doing well in business and the sports industry. Robert went through school just like children his age, and after graduating from Brookline High school, he got a chance to join the university. During his university years, Robert played lightweight football and was also a holder of the Patriots football tickets. Mr. Kraft is a hardworking individual who is passionate about his work.

Robert Kraft got an opportunity to work with the Randy-Whitney Group, where he climbed the career leader as he learned from his mentor and leader, John Hiatt. John Hiatt was the Chief Executive Officer and the paper production and packing firm owner. John Hiatt was not only the leader of the company, but he was also a humanitarian. Later after gaining more experience in the industry, Robert decided to go alone and establish an organization that also deals with paper production and packaging.

International Forest Products was created in 1975, Robert being the firm’s founder and top leader. Despite quitting his work at the paper production and packaging firm, Robert remained the organization’s chairman.

Robert Kraft married the daughter of John Hiatt, and together they formed the Kraft Foundation, an organization that deals with a wide range of services and charitable activities. Later, Randy-Whitney Group and international Forest Products came together to work as one organization, forming the largest private paper production and packing firm in the United States.

Robert is doing well in the production industry and has also invested in the sports industry. Robert owns the Patriots, a football club he acquired in 1994. Purchasing the football club that he had supported since he was a young man was a great achievement for Kraft. In his humanitarian activities, Robert supports various sectors, including education, the elderly, and medical facilities. See this page for related information.

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