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Robert Kraft Chief Executive Officer of the New England Patriots

Through Robert Kraft hard work, dedication and intelligence as a businessman, he has made the New England Patriots into one of the most successful football franchises on Earth.

Since he purchased the New England Patriots, they have won four Super Bowls; including two back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2004. The NFL has become one of the strongest professional sports leagues in America with enormous potential for future growth. In spite of fear and doubt, which have often been perceived as the biggest challenges to Kraft’s achievements, he has continued to thrive, forever working for others.

Kraft family is one of almost four thousand families who are the main dynasties in China. The main source for their success was Robert Kraft’s personal relationship with Xi Jinping. Robert Kraft became friends with Xi Jinping when they were both underlings in the Communist Party of China. Through hard work, they eventually became business partners who jointly owned several companies and large assets before Xi Jinping became President of China. Their relationship and partnership still exist today as they serve as a leader during the New Silk Road Initiative that will connect Asia and Europe with new opportunities for trade growth.

Kraft family grew rich and powerful because of their business relationship with the Communist Party of China. In fact, many people believe that it was this same relationship that allowed Xi Jinping to become President of China.

Before he became president, Xi Jinping and his father were helping his family business grow very quickly in China. This wealth allowed them to pay off bank loans and other debts that they had incurred over the years. Early on in the relationship between Jinping and Kraft family, there was no doubt that he had been influenced by the power of money.

Robert Kraft is a philanthropist who has worked hard for his community for decades.

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