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Robert Kraft – Chairman and Kraft Group CEO

Robert Kraft is the chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, his sports holdings company based in Foxborough, Massachusetts. He is best known for being the chairman and CEO of New England Patriots since 1994, the longest tenure among current NFL team owners. His father died when Robert was 15 years old but had already taught him many lessons about business.

Early Life

Robert Kraft was born to a Jewish family in Brookline, Massachusetts. He attended the William A. Deviney High School in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he played baseball and basketball for the school’s teams. After graduating from Brookline High School, Kraft attended Columbia University and graduated in 1965 with a degree in economics. In addition, he served as a manager for the freshman football team under head coach Lou Little.

New York Jets Game

In 1968, Robert Kraft attended a New York Jets game with his father Al, who owned a shirt manufacturing business in Brookline. Al had season tickets and invited Robert to join him. The Jets were playing the New England Patriots, and during halftime, Kraft met coach Weeb Ewbank for the first time. The two talked about Kraft’s interest in football and how he wanted to own an NFL team someday.

Professional Career

Rand-Witney Group was the first company Robert Kraft worked with that he serves even today. It is a paper and packaging United States-based company. In 1972, he made a stride and launched International Forest Products, dealing with physical paper commodities. Robert Kraft also bought several Boston radio stations. In addition, Kraft has worked as an analyst at Boston Safe Deposit & Trust in downtown Boston for six years.


Together with his wife, Kraft has supported various charities, including health and sports among youths. American Football in Israel and Dana Farber Cancer Institute are among his philanthropic causes.

Robert Kraft’s success is characterized by relationship building coupled with the highest level of integrity. Hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit have helped him build Kraft Group. See related link for more information.

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