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Robert Kraft And His Incredible Investments

One thing that many billionaires (and people in general) thrive off today, is knowing that their actions are being put to good uses. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots football team and the New England Revolution soccer team, has made it a priority to invest into the lives of many Americans today.

With his philanthropic efforts to give exposure to the sport of football across the globe, Robert has built up a following that was unexpected by many. Yet is no surprise to those who know him best. What is this billionaire’s drive to connection with others? And how is that impact making such a difference?

Robert Kraft graduated from Columbine University, with the goal of pursuing a business endeavor unlike any other. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School with top marks, and immediately set off to work in being part of the Rand-Whitney Group.

He founded International Forest Products in 1972, as one of the top manufacturing companies of physical paper products. These two companies have gained a large following, after his later investments proved to be successful. In the one area he really wanted to be in: Sports.

Growing up a New England Patriots fan, Robert Kraft took the initiative to invest in a parcel part of the Patriot’s stadium. A move that would eventually lead to him gaining eventual ownership of the team itself. The game was a risk, yet season ticket holders wanted someone like Kraft to lead. So the fans showed up, giving the Patriots an adrenaline kick to win more Super Bowls than any other team in the NFL.

Now as Robert Kraft finishes another season, he still clings to the hope that these actions will inspire other “Patriots” to pursue their goals, and conquer their dreams for incredible results! Refer to this page for more information.

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