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Rob Kardashian’s Weight Gain Photos Revealed

This time last year, The Aspire New Brunswick reportedly informed that Rob Kardashian was being dragged in the news after he went out in public, and was noticed to have put on a considerable amount of weight. In the same week he was spotted in transit to Paris for his sister Kim’s fairytale wedding, but the media trashed him and fat shamed him so badly that before he could even make the full trip Rob turned around and headed back to LA to avoid the embarrassment.

Ever since, Rob has been a ghost in the Kardashian home, and refuses to be seen in public. We have seen video footage of Kris begging Rob to get out and get help but he refuses and simply remains indoors and away from cameras at all cost. Even when his family and friends try to make him more social Rob simply would rather not be involved in group activities, especially ones where he will likely be caught on camera.

Recently Rob has been trending for a photo has been floating around the internet of him leaving and In “N” Out Burger joint after a late night food run. Once again the focus in all reports are on Rob’s weight gain and the fact that he appears to be depressed because of his poor body image. At the moment Rob has not released a statement about the reports or about his thoughts on the negative opinions being thrown his way, but his sister Khloe Kardashian is still his biggest supporter.

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