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Rise of Rocketship Education and its Impact on the Community

Rocketship Education is a group of charter schools that have been established with the sole purpose bringing closer education to the low-income students in the community. The classes are designed to offer a holistic education geared towards giving the children from low-income families’ access to good quality education. These charter schools use a multi-blended approach that involves: the traditional way of taking instructions, a technology that is adaptive and targeted tutoring. These charter schools are not just ordinary schools but rather transformative schools with the potential of changing the community at large.

Since its establishment in 2007, the Rocketship schools have stayed true to their mission of eliminating the achievement gap within our society. The task has been made possible through constant innovation and rethinking the whole idea of what education should be.

Learning at Rocketship is a very fulfilling and engaging affair since it’s not just about the teacher and students but also the parents and any other interested stakeholders. This way it feels more of a family, and people get to share ideas and learn from one another. The learning at these charter schools is such that some time is spent in theory class while other time they engage in practical sessions.

Besides, the blended model of learning, innovation to have made a significant impact on these schools. These changes have facilitated the development of policies that help govern the schools. This has further been backed up by the reliance on technology to achieve student achievement.

This system has received numerous praises from many quotas including some of wealthiest people such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Netflix’s Reed Hasting. The schools have received vast sums of financial donations that go into improving the learning model.

Rocketship Education brand is expanding by day with a total of three schools opening each year. Up to date, it has opened its doors to nearly 20,000 low-income students in several states within the United States including California.

The whole essence of Rocketship education is to ensure that students continue to thrive while using a Blended Learning format. This education model designed to towards empowering teachers, engaging parents and inspiring the nearby communities.

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