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Richard Liu Brings AI And Automation To The Delivery Sector

Richard Liu’s has grown from a series of storefronts in Shanghai and Beijing to one of the world’s leading online retailers. Also known as Liu Qiangdong, the entrepreneur has been diversifying from electronics to become a global rival to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. During his career, Qiangdong has been developing new ways of delivering orders to customers across Asia. Autonomous drones and other delivery options have become a staple of the business model.

The innovative nature of Richard Liu’s business model has been easy to see for several years. The company was founded after the entrepreneur enjoyed early success in his career as a physical storefront owner. 12 stores sold computer parts before the 2004 SARS epidemic destroyed the Chinese economy. Instead of folding his electronics business, Liu Qiangdong became one of the first entrepreneurs to switch to a full online business model.

To Richard Liu, the customer is always king. Making sure his customers get their orders in a timely fashion is one of the keys to the long-term success of Richard Liu’s technological innovations include the use of drone airports and driverless delivery systems. Liu has made it his mission to ensure the success of is passed on to its customers through technological innovation.

Comparisons between Richard Liu and Jeff Bezos have been made regarding their ability to provide a successful technological advance for their respective companies. Where Bezos concentrates on space exploration, Richard Liu has been working to improve the customer experience and opportunities. After integrating the blockchain into the work of, Liu has been quick to give his customers the chance to his Blockchain-as-a-Service platform.

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