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Reputation Station: How You Can Fix a Bad Online Reputation


If you’re looking to take control of your online persona, read on. Once you’ve looked at Google rankings, looked at personal SEO, and figured out what your foundational presence should look like online, you’ll be ready to start remedying bad search results for the rest of your online life. And it can be done.

It’s true—even good people have bad search results sometimes. If you have a pristine reputation, but it’s been sullied by an ex, a former employee, or a former client, then you can do a few things to make sure this gets hidden from the public.

1. Get the bad result taken down.

There are a few ways this wouldn’t happen, though, like the owner refusing, or the owner refusing to take it down and then deciding to make things worse for you. If the content doesn’t fit “Right to Be Forgotten” laws, then you’re out of luck, and if the content is archived, even more so.

2. Pay a service with experienced reputation management consultants.

It’s impossible to fix an online reputation overnight, though, so make sure that you have the right person in mind for this job. But so many of them will promise to fix bad search results overnight, and they’ll just be talking about your brand.

3. Have a paid social media campaign.

This is popular these days! Many people are doing this, but how effective is it, really?

4. Build your brand the right way while ignoring the negative results.

You can easily build positive content for yourself and your business, all while ignoring the negatives. This is pretty simple to do. But what about that old post that someone might see?

An online reputation repair service is kind of like anti-virus software for your computer. Because reputation is everything, many companies can keep up with yours for you. You may need to work on strategy development, for there are certain strategies that can help with online reputation, such as dealing with employees, competitors, and customer service issues.

There are also software recommendations that can help you with your online reputation, and you can get just what you need in terms of reputation repair and removing negative reviews. Online reputation repair can involve removing negative Google search results, removing personal information, and managing business and enterprise reviews.

As you know, first impressions are everything, and you need to know what sort of impression you’re making on people. So, many internet reputation repair companies work with individuals and also corporations to get rid of what’s bad out there. Because people could be losing money, and companies too, it only makes sense to have a reputation management service look at your Google search results, and other websites, and make sure to fix any negative reviews or insinuations that come up.

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