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Reputation Management In The Age Of Smartphones

Technology, especially smartphones, has changed online reputation management forever. Service businesses, such as restaurants, salons and hotels, find find that when their customers are always connected, they will leave reviews while they are still at the establishment. While this is usually good for service businesses that provide excellent customer service, several unhappy customers can damage an establishment’s reputation. When customers have instant access to Yelp and other review websites, they will leave their review before they have had a chance to calm down and objectively view the situation.

In a TG Daily article, the author pointed out that brands can utilize social media to connect with their customers. While social media humanizes a brand, it also leaves them open to criticism. Brands that have social media accounts should monitor them daily, as customers will use the platforms as a customer service portal. Questions and problems need to be addressed immediately so that consumers see that the brand is concerned about their customer’s satisfaction.

According to, having a positive online reputation is more important than ever as consumers look for reviews of restaurants, products and other services while they are out shopping. With a smartphone, an individual can find a microwave in a store and access online reviews before making a decision. Staying proactive will alert brands to possible problems before they become major concerns and give brands an opportunity to take discussions offline if needed.

Businesses have to keep up with their always connected customers, however, if they cannot, they should hire a reputation management firm to keep an eye on what people are saying about them.

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