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Removing Candy Makeup – The Painful Truth

If you watch Wengie’s videos on a regular basis, or even just once in a while, you may have come across her recent video on Harley Quinn based makeup made entirely from candy. If you have come across this video, you know that it was a long process, but a very fruitful one, no pun intended. Her candy makeup came out deliciously and looked splendid! Okay, enough bad candy puns.

Honestly, though, her candy makeup was not so simple, but looked really sharp and neat and worked really well, despite the Cool Ade in her eye at one point. That just looked painful!

She did her candy makeup with the following and more:


  • Cool Ade


  • Smarties


  • Chocolate Melts


  • Squeezable Candy Sugar


  • Loli-Pops


  • Gum Balls


She was very satisfied with her video and the results and in her vlog, found here, she went through the grueling process of taking off all that sticky, candy makeup! It took a long time, was a slight struggle, but she was able to get it all off!
In this vlog, you also get to catch a glimpse of her fience, which is always a special treat! If you haven’t heard of him or don’t know this, he has is own YouTube channel with more DIY’s and fun videos, just like Wengie!

The most difficult part of the video, Wengie declared, was trying to get the Cool Ade off her eyes! She was afraid it would stain, but it did not end up staining her skin beyond repair. All in all, a delicious experience!

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