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Rashida Jones Calls Out The Cannes Film Festival For The High Heel Rule

Women tend to love high heels, even though they can give your feet a whole host of problems. Doctors have said that high heels shoes should be avoided, especially the ones with pointed toes. Rashida Jones Comments About The High Heel Rule. Shoes with pointed toes can do damage to the toes, especially when the shoes are worn for long periods of time. It’s possible for the feet to be in incredible amounts of pain, and permanent damage may be caused, just from wearing the wrong high heels.

High heels can also cause a person to have a damage to their feet to where they will need surgery in the future. Although doctors caution against certain high heels, women still wear them anyways because they are fashionable. Although women like to wear high heels, no woman wants to be required to wear them, especially to an event. The Cannes Film Festival was held recently, and there were women who were turned away because they did not wear high heel shoes. Security was told to turn away any woman that was not in high heels.

Rashida Jones decided to make her opinion known, and she feels that the entire high-heel rule was sexist and unfair. Many women chose not to wear high heels because of problems they had with their feet, but they were turned away from the festival anyways. Some felt that if women were required to wear high heels, then men should be required to do the same as per ESPN Go.

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