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Randal Nardone the Smart Entrepreneur

Randal Nardone is a successful co-founder, CEO and director of Fortress Investment Group. A leading company, that specializes in hedge funds, private equity, railroads real estate and credit funds. He has a degree in English and biology from Connecticut University and is also an alumna of the Boston University School of Law. Randal is ranked number 557 in the list of Forbes billionaires.

Randal Nardone inspiration comes from his dedication to success and quality. He is a team player and highflier a character that motivates his staff. He continually seeks insight in the financial sector, which helps him to keep up with the current state of the market. He is focused and consistent in the service he offers to his clients. This has made Fortress Investment Group expand. It has state of the art mortgage services and golf courses among others.

Due to his experience in the finance industry and urge for success in the global market, he has a privilege of sitting on several boards including; Brookdale senior living, Eurocastle investments and Spring leaf financial services. Where he gives his services with commitment, this has continuously increased his expertise as an entrepreneur.

Randal Nardone has a rich work history; he is the director, and principal Fortress Investment Group to date – a company he started 20 years ago. He was also the managing director of USB for a period of 5 years and the principal Black Rock financial management

Randal believes that the procurement of Fortress Investment Group by soft bank was a strategic move to strengthen the company. It will increase the company’s net worth and creditability. He elaborates that the company shares trades at a profit of 3 UD dollars higher which brought profits ranging to billions of dollars.

Fortress Investment Group is a prosperous company because of Randal Nardone,s management. He founded the company twenty years ago with a vision to expand and make sustainable assets and profits. His focus and desire to make Fortress Investment Group a premier company is a reality. His secret lies in studying the market to find out gaps that exist and offering solutions.



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