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Raffaele Riva’s Career Background

Aurea Multi-Family Office, a parent company to several successful organizations, focuses on accounting, financial services, wealth management, and global investments. The incredible company was founded by Raffaele Riva years ago. The subsidiaries underneath Aurea MFO provide customers with wealth management solutions. All the institutions have different individuals in leadership, but Raffaele Riva is the chairperson. While serving as executive chairman, Riva has an easy time overseeing the high-profile operations of all the companies. Raffaele Riva has had an incredible career in the international business department.

Although Riva is passionate about business, he has done well because of his dedication and educational qualifications. The entrepreneur got his economics degree from the respected Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, based in Milan.

After graduating in 1987, Raffaele Riva focused on corporate finance, business law, accounting, tax law, bankruptcy law, and banking law, among others. Two years after graduating, Raffaele received special recognition from the same university because of his excellent skills in accounting.

Raffaele loved acquiring knowledge when young. A degree in economics was not enough for the global entrepreneur. Riva enrolled at the prestigious Canton Ticino Management Business School for his post-graduate studies. Raffaele Riva later went to Switzerland for more accounting studies too. It was easy for Riva to study in Italy and Switzerland because he has dual citizenship. After studying, Riva was recognized as one of the few chartered accountants in Italy. The entrepreneur is a registered auditor in Italy too. The respected Italian anti-money laundering team has received much support from Riva since he became a member a few years ago.

Riva is a member of several Italian institutions too. Most organizations focus on accounting matters. Before launching his successful company, Raffaele got a lot of skills in the complex business world. Assisting international and local clients is easy for the businessman because of his significant expertise. Riva enjoys forming strong business relationships with his clients.

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