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Raffaele Riva, Co-owner And Managing Partner Of Advisory Companies

Raffaele Riva is the co-owner and Managing Partner at “Advisory Companies”. He is always striving to improve his leadership skills and pushing for innovation in how businesses operate. Join Raffaele as he shares how his company provides advisory services to various business sectors.

Raffaele Riva is a hardworking and well-respected consultant in the automotive industry. He has worked successfully with manufacturers, OEMs, and suppliers from every continent. In addition, his company has a reputation as a solid advisor in technical operations, engineering, R&D, and product development.

A native of Italy, Raffaele Riva is an international businessman who has been living in China for over 20 years. He has worked with major Chinese auto companies and has been instrumental in helping several companies to enter the Chinese market or grow within it. Riva started his career at Delphi Corporation as a Production Planner. Riva later moved to Beijing and worked for the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation for six years.

Despite being responsible for all business activities, his company continues to grow rapidly. Raffaele Riva attributes their success to the fact that they can listen to both their clients and employees. This has enabled them to build long-term relationships with all the companies they have worked with.

In addition, Advisory Companies have unique management and support structures. They have a full-time HR manager and specialized IT and Quality managers. These managers work closely with the rest of their team to meet the client’s needs. As a result, they can successfully serve a wide range of industries and provide advice that adds true value to their clients.

As the managing partner in his company, Raffaele Riva has learned many valuable things about business operations. He continues to work towards improving his leadership skills. He regularly implements new processes and strategies to help his team continue to succeed. In addition, he pushes for innovation in the way businesses operate. This has helped him and his team stay at the top of their field and continue to grow with their client’s needs. Visit this page to learn more.

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