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Raffaele Riva head of Aurea Multi Family Group, a property development company based in Exeter, became the owner of the company after a family dispute following the death of his father.


Raffaele Riva is an ambitious young entrepreneur. His company has developed over 1300 homes in Exeter and across the country and has contributed significantly to the growth of Exeter’s success. He started a property development company, Aurea Multi Family Group after receiving some money from his father’s will following the death of his father. The first part of his business plan was to develop apartments for students for universities such as Exeter University, Bristol Uni and Bath Uni. He found that there was a growing demand for student accommodation in this sector, so he began to build student flats all across the country.

How Aurea Multi Family Group Developed

The company, Aurea Multi Family Group, started off with only £500 from Raffaele Riva’s father’s will. The company has since become a leading student accommodation development and property management company in Exeter and across the UK. It has developed over 1300 homes in Exeter alone, for both private and student use. To have achieved this level of growth so quickly is a huge achievement for Raffaele Riva and the team at Aurea Multi Family Group.


The company initially began with £500 from Raffaele Riva’s father’s will and spent 2 years refining their business plan. They used the £500 to develop their first student flat in Exeter which they then managed themselves. This has since become the main source of business for Aurea Multi Family Group. In 2014, Aurea Multi Family Group had assets of over 40 million pounds and was distributed between two companies, Aurea Residencies Ltd and Encore Residences Ltd. Both companies are part of a group called Aurea Housing Group. Refer to this article for additional information.


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