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QNET’s Expansion in the World despite Malicious Allegations

QNET is a direct selling company and has been in existence for over two decades now. The company has operations worldwide, especially in Africa, where unemployment continues to skyrocket. The company has improved the living standards of its partners across the globe. With its headquarters in Hong, the company came into existence after its founders realized an opportunity in the market.

This is after the company they were working for collapsed and left its partners who had trusted Vijay Eswaran and his friends. The founders then decided to engage these partners by selling golden coins. The company sold golden coins in the region and invested in healthcare products. Currently, the company sells homecare products. As the company’s story continued to grow, its enemies came up with QNET scam false accusations. Some called it a Ponzi scheme, while others accused the company of breaching the tax rules.

Definition of Ponzi Scheme And Why QNET Scam Stories Are Malicious To The Reputable Firm

A Ponzi or pyramid scheme is a practice where people invest using partners’ money and encourage partners to recruit more members. During the process, old members benefit from the registration of new members. The drawback of such schemes is that they do not have a source of income other than registration fees from new members.

With time, the scheme runs bankrupt since the number of new members continues to decrease so is the payment. Many people depend on the reducing amount coming into the firm. QNET scam allegations don’t hold as it deals in selling genuine products.

You have to register through the platform and give your contact information to trade with the company. Then you pay for goods that you need. The partners then sell the products and receive a commission on the goods they sell. The company involves the sale of goods and rewarding members with a commission instead of the pyramid or Ponzi scheme. Learn more about Qnet

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