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QNET Is Making a Big Impact in Some of the World's Most Exciting Emerging Markets

QNET is one of the most notable names in the world of direct selling. The e-commerce firm operates on a global basis and provides its customers with an extensive range of unique services/products of the highest quality. It also provides its customers with the opportunity to fulfill their own business goals through the promotion of the company’s line of products.

It is a method that has proven to be highly successful in allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and enhance their lives. The distributors that work within this business framework are located across a variety of global markets that include Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Working with this unique direct selling business model has helped to create successful entrepreneurs in many of the world’s emerging economies.

Since its 1998 launch, QNET has made a difference in 100-plus countries across the globe. Some of the highlights of the company and the work that it does include thousands of great products, a customer base that spans the world, major distribution hubs located around the globe, a great mobile app, and infrastructure that is currently present in twenty-five of the world’s countries. These positive accomplishments help to demonstrate why the company has been able to successfully make an impact on the lives of millions of customers. It has also made an impact on a base of distributors that currently exceeds one million.

Watch this video on YouTube, for more information. QNet business is divided into six business divisions – Crystal Market, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Crystal Global Ventures, QBox, and Asia Direct Selling Network. Each division is customized for a specific target market, ranging from fitness to beauty, finance to insurance, and cosmetics to IT.

QNET has been making a huge impact on the direct selling field in India. It is currently the largest company of its type operating in the Indian market. Its direct seller network in the country is extensive and is made up of individuals of many backgrounds and age ranges. The work that the firm is doing in India is just one example of the impact that it has made in so many emerging economies around the world.

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