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Pursuing My Passion with Brown Modeling Agency

Modeling was always something I only half joked about when deciding on where I would take my life.

Though something I wanted, I never really pushed for. I always thought of it as a difficult industry to break into with high potential for failure so I never saw myself pursuing it as a career. On the whim of deciding to cross more items off my list of things to do before thirty, I figured I would give it a real chance this time before moving on to other passions.

So with that thought in mind, I began looking into how I could land my first paid modeling job. Apparently watching America’s Top Model was not enough experience for learning to navigate the modeling world, so I decided to enlist the help of a local modeling agency.

I had heard good things from a friend who had a done a couple modeling gigs during the first years of college about the Brown Agency. She had said that it was started by a model so that the entire agency was able to help you from that perspective.

I had a few ideas of what to expect going into experience but none really compared to the amount of real effort that would go into landing my first paid gig. Honestly without the help of the staff at Brown, landing a modeling job let alone reoccurring work would have only been a story I told friends to get a laugh.

Though I thankfully can say that my one time half joke but full passion has become a full possibility.

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