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Prevagen – The Supplement to Help Think Better

 Prevagen is a consumer product believed to improve memory, especially where the memory loss is associated with aging.

However, people who use natural remedies believe it is also useful and can improve memory for young people who are studying and need more cognitive abilities. Experts also believe Prevagen can help users get a better quality of sleep.

What Makes Prevagen Special?

Prevagen has Apoaequorin, a compound found in jellyfish, and is now patented by Quincy Bioscience as Prevagen and used in products to help people with cognitive problems.

It is a product that has been found to improve certain areas of cognitive function over a 90 day period.

What is Apoaequorin?

It is a protein that was found in a specific type of jellyfish. It was first discovered in 1962. Its unique feature is that when apoaequorin is exposed to calcium, the protein binds with calcium and forms a blue light. This enhances the ability of calcium to help brain functionality.

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For forty years scientists have studied the way calcium works in cells and just recently they have found that the production of this blue light improves memory because it helps regulate calcium levels in the brain, thereby reducing memory loss.

When a person ages, the body’s level of calcium declines and this can cause memory loss. Prevagen can help because the apoaequorin protein works like calcium and can boost the function of the brain and in some cases correct the memory loss.

Why not Just Take More Calcium?

Apoaequorin is a protein, so it is hard to dissolve and instead it dissociate and changes back to amino acids. Apoaequorin is a promising protein because tests on it show that it improves memory function.

What Is Apoaequorin?

Studies have found this protein to be successful in reducing memory loss. However, many doctors believe there is not enough testing for human beings and suggest that there be more research conducted to make sure it works well to improve memory.

Currently, the supplement is used to improve the cognitive abilities of the brain and some people also believe it ensures better sleep. Even so, more tests are being conducted to ascertain its ability to work with other issues such as Sclerosis.


Prevagen boosts the calcium levels in the brain and thereby improves cognitive functioning.

It is also used to supplement and help when patients suffer from brain disorders like ALS. Studies also indicate that it improves mental energy and because of this is often used by students as well.

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Modern research continues to teach us about this protein and future benefits it can hold. Currently, it is only recommended as a brain and memory booster and supplement. If your doctor has recommended improving your calcium intake for brain functionality then you might want to ask him about Prevagen.

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