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Prevagen and Brain Health

The health of our brain is often overlooked. We wave off pauses in memory as normal or side effects of medication, age, or simply being busy. Prevagen is a dietary supplement available over-the-counter that helps to naturally boost your memory and brain function.

As a widely available supplement that’s recommended by pharmacists, Prevagen has become a supplement that’s trusted most with consumers as well.

Made from apoaequorin, a safe substance discovered in Jellyfish, Prevagen has been found to support cognitive brain function in 90% of those tested in double-blind studies.

But it’s important to realize the responsibility that we must take with our own bodies. While Prevagen is a great product, it’s job is to supplement what you’re already doing for brain health.

Most people don’t realize how closely tied your mental and physical health is. So, many of the ways that you keep your body healthy is keeping your mind healthy as well. Exercise is an important part of our overall health as it promotes circulation throughout the brain and body. Studies have been done that correlate the oxygen-rich environment of a post-workout brain to higher cognitive function.

In addition to excercise is diet, they always seem to go hand in hand. A diet of whole foods that are rich in nutrients are important to overall health and function.

Many foods are even known to boost memory function such as blueberries, spinach, and beets. There are even some great recipes on the Prevagen website that will nourish your body and mind.

Aside from diet and exercise, there are many things that everyone can do to boost their cognitive function with our without Prevagen to supplement such as limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, socializing, and spending time outdoors.

And while some of these may seem difficult to do, most Americans, and people in general, find that reducing their stress levels and getting a full night’s sleep are just as important for your cognitive function as a healthy diet and exercise.

So, if you feel you’re mentally sluggish, then adding Prevagen to a healthy lifestyle will boost your cognitive functions to help you think more clearly.

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