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Positivity from Norka Luque

There are many messages that Norka Luque puts out in her songs but the one main theme that appears in nearly all of her music is the message of having a positive attitude. This is something that Norka believes strongly in and something that she does not think she would have gotten to the point she is at without. There are many things that she has done but being positive is one of her biggest accomplishments. Throughout the lows of her career, she remained positive and always kept a good attitude about the things that were going on. She teaches this in her music.
One of the things that could have brought her down but did not because she was always positive was the fact that business school did not turn out how she wanted. She completed a degree in business and she thought that her life would be perfect after that. It wasn’t. A career in business was not what she wanted and she felt that she did not fit in with what other people were doing to be able to focus on the business aspects of things. She remained positive and tried to find another career in a different field.

This career was in the field of culinary arts. She graduated with (yet another) degree but this time it was related to the culinary arts. She knew that she was going to be successful and she was but she was also not allowed to have full creative expression in this career. She tried again with a fashion degree but this was still not what she wanted out of life and she felt that she was being stifled because of the restrictions that were put on the career fields that she had chosen. She knew that there was something else.

The time that she spent in France being positive and trying to get these degrees paid off. She made friends with a band who wanted to use her voice in their songs. She joined the band and was soon making a career out of singing on stage. She was positive that this was the right career choice for her. After meeting Emilio Estefan Jr., she decided to go solo with her career. This meant that she would be touring on her own and in front of thousands of people. Her positive attitude earned her a spot as one of the most famous Venezuelans.

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