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Polite and a Woman of Action, Betsy Devos is a Leader in the Department of Education

As a highly respected leader in proter of education and a philanthropist, Betsy Devos was the perfect choice for the new Secretary of the Board of Education appointed by President Trump. Dick and Betsy Devos have dedicated their careers to reforming the outdated statues in their state’s government while improving the education system. As active philanthropists, they have given over $139 million to date.


Both the Devoses come from a family of well-known businessmen, and following in their footsteps, they founded the Devos Family Foundation to fund their philanthropic contributions. Their contributions have been aimed mainly to education and Michigan and National Republican Party.


Betsy Devos has been active in changing and improving the public education system in Michigan her entire career. Today, there are charter schools and vouchers available for low-income parents in Michigan to allow them to chose a better education for their children if they prefer.


Both Betsy and Dick spent the past four decades updating corporate laws and improving government legislation in Grand Rapids. Dick was also carrying on the legacy of his father as CEO of Amway Corporation, which Dick Sr. founded in the 1970s. Dick Devos has also founded his own corporate group of investors called The Windquest Group.


Several years before Betsy Devos accepted Trump’s appointment to his cabinet, she and her husband founded the Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids on airport property. This is an advanced charter school for high school students who are going into aviation. With her entire career focused on developing top-notch charter schools, this school of aviation excels in education as well as education in aviation. With her appointment to the National Board of Education, Americans should soon expect to see the public education system across the U.S. improve under her leadership.


Betsy Devos has a reputation of being publicly polite, but underneath being a tenacious fighter for the good of the country, and that is exactly what is needed in the government today. She leads with a conservative view, and she supports the actions of those who want to improve the future of America as she does.


For example, when Trump was about to rescind the policy that prohibited the use of restrooms accommodating the “desired” sexual orientation and the bathrooms offered to gay and transgender employees, Betsy took the initiative to meet with her leaders. She warned the Department that President Trump was making the decision to rescind this policy, and she made this strategic move only hours before he made the announcement. Betsy Devos is an exciting and bold choice for Secretary of the Board of Education.


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