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Perrie Is Dissed For Taking Her Boyfriend’s Last Name

Watch what you write on social media because it can come back to haunt you. Perrie, who is dating Zayn Malik, she has been the object of hate from internet trolls over the past couple months. Ever since Zayn Malik decided that he was going to leave One Direction, many fans have been blaming Perrie for Zayn departing from his group. Perrie Posts To Social MediaZayn claims that he was sick and tired of being chased down by paparazzi, and that he wanted to live a normal life.

According to, Zayn quit the group for his own personal reasons, although many feel that he wanted to start a solo career. Perrie and Zayn are engaged, and many believed that she had been a big influence as to why Zayn left the group. Zayne and Perrie had some discussions about him being in the group, and many feel like she pressured him to leave. Although Perrie denies that she had anything to do with Zayn’s departure from One Direction, it still hasn’t stopped Internet trolls from hunting her down.

Perrie recently posted the name Perrie Malik, which makes it look like her and Zayn Malik got married. It didn’t take very long for people to jump on her, and they got upset over the fact that she called herself by his last name. The pair are not married yet, but it seems that jealousy and hate is intense for the couple, and many don’t want to see them together.

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