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Passengers Gets The Go Ahead

Screen Rant reports that Passengers, a sci-fi stand-alone film, has been given the green light, and that production on the film starts next month. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will star in the film. The script has been shopped around for many years, but has finally found a home. It is unusual because it is a single film, not the first in a series, and not a franchise. It is meant to be a single film. That is uncommon to see a single big-budget film produced in Hollywood lately. Lawrence and Pratt are really hot, big name actors right now, and should draw in an audience. Passengers is being heralded as Gravity with a love story. Warner Brother was first going to produce the film with Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon, but eventually passed. Sony now picked it up with Pratt and Lawrence. Movie buffs like James Dondero are hopeful the film does well so that other non-episodic stories might actually have a chance to be made.

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