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Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the top executive of Papa Johns. Today, he currently serves as the chief executive officer. Ritchie recently attained this position after many years of hard work. He first joined the company over two decades ago by working as an entry level employee. Over time, he would prove himself to be a valuable employee for the company. He would move up to higher ranking positions at the company. This culminated in him becoming a manager and later a top executive. His experience, expertise and leadership has led to Papa Johns becoming one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the world. As of today, Steve is looking to add new programs to make Papa Johns more competitive in the current marketplace.

Ritchie joined Papa Johns when he was very young. When he graduated from high school, he worked at pizza restaurants before joining Papa Johns. With his experience in the pizza restaurant business, Steve would become an employee of the company. When he first started working at Papa Johns, he was involved in working in a number of different departments and at different positions. This gave him a lot of experience within the company which would benefit him in the future.

As time went on, Steve Ritchie eventually got promoted to managerial positions at the company. He spent time as a regional manager where he would oversee locations in multiple states. Steve would oversee the operations of franchises in order ot make sure that they were operating properly as well as making sure that they had all of the necessary resources to succeed. During the next few years, Ritchie would then become the chief operating officer of Papa Johns. At this position, he was in charge or overseeing all of the companies’ operations. This included managing the marketing department, finance department, supply chain and also the other managers of the company. His performance as the chief operating officer would lead to his eventual appointment as the chief executive officer.

Once he was appointed as the chief executive officer of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie began to overhaul some of the policies and operations of the company. He first began to consult with franchise owners to see how they were performing and how they can better serve their community. Ritchie also looked to institute a new program that would educate the employees about diversity in the workplace. Along with these programs, Ritchie has looked to help boost the company sales as well as obtain more sources of capital. Steve recently met with investors to provide funds that would help keep the company afloat while it looks to boost its profits. Steve is looking to boost profits for the company by offering discounts and incentives.

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