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Impact of hormones on your health with Dr. Johanan Rand

Impact of hormones on your health with Dr. Johanan Rand

Have you met the integrated medicine specialist, Dr. Johanan Rand? This kind doctor is the founder and president of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is certified in anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine. He also plays the role of consultant to Elite Healthcare outside China and is affiliated with Chilton Medical Center. One of his top priorities is offering quality care to his patients.

Dr. Johanan Rand attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine, St Barnabas Medical Center and Howard University College of Medicine. He has taken it upon himself to travel and gather knowledge to better his understanding of the science of age management medicine. In addition to that, he is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Anti-aging medicine.

According to Dr. Johanan Rand, the human body contains two types of hormones, the good and the bad. As we age, the good hormones such as the human growth hormone decrease in number and the bad hormones such as insulin increase in number. It is in balancing these hormones that his patients have rejuvenated strength and lots of stamina.

The hormone balance does not only have a positive effect on one’s energy, but it also reduces depression and incidences of cancer. So how does Dr. Johanan Rand balance these hormones? He administers bio-identical hormones. These hormones are far much superior as compared to synthetic hormones which may adversely affect one’s health.

Exercise is a solution that Dr. Johanan Rand recommends for you to lead a healthy life. Workouts bring down the levels of fat in one’s body while increasing your lean body mass. This way, it is possible to prevent illnesses.

Apart from exercises, there is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet he uses to help people who are suffering from problems cause by weight gain. This hormone prevents muscle deterioration that is seen in other diets. Rest assured that HCG works and for the better. With his help, you can learn about proper eating habits, reset your metabolism and improve your health. Solutions to fulfilling outcomes.


Who is Shiraz Boghani?

Shiraz Boghani is the founding partner and chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP. He is also the managing partner and director of the Splendid Hotel Group. In addition to his roles at these two companies he also serves a role at Sussex Health Care as a partner. Some of the things he does at for Sojourn Hotels include overseeing the hotel portfolio, as well as the deals of individual assets.

Boghani owns 19 hotels in the U.K., and has been in the hotel industry for 30 years. His expertise ranges far past just the business of hotels, he is also a certified chartered accountant. Boghani has been revolutionary in the hotel industry, he was one of the first in the 1900’s to announce hotel partnerships with limited service brands. Boghani has hotel ventures such as Hilton London Bankside which is a new era styled project in London. To his portfolio he also adds hotels such as the Grand Hotel & Spa, York, and the Holiday Inn London.

In taking a closer look at an article on, pertaining to Boghani, and his group of hotels, we can learn more of the acclaim which Boghani’s hotels hold. The article starts off by highlighting the honor of the Asian Business Award’s hotelier of the year award which Boghani’s Splendid Hospitality Group was given. It then goes on to talk of Boghanii’s 121 million pounds were paid in order to build the state of the art Hilton London Bankside. After this we have a comment by Boghani which accounts his view concerning the hotel industry and his own life, being that hotels have been a big part of Boghani’s business life. In addition to this the article mentions his response to the award given by the Asian Business Awards.

In looking at an article on Medium, pertaining to Shiraz Boghani and his work in the hotel industry, we can learn more of Boghani’s success. The article talks of Boghani’s success in the healthcare industry on top of that in the hotel industry. Under his leadership as joint chairman, Sussex Healthcare was able to expand its quarters to 18 care homes with over 500 beds. In addition to this we learn of Boghani’s philanthropic side, as a vocal supporter of the Aga Khan foundation, as well as an independent philanthropist who dedicates his time and resources to charity initiatives.

End Citizens United’s Efforts To End The Big Money 20

End Citizens United is a political action committee dedicated to overturning the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decided on January 21, 2010. The Supreme Court essentially ruled that there is no differentiation between corporations and people when it pertains to the rights of political speech; therefore, inherently granting corporations to fund political campaigns and the pockets of elected officials.

The mission of the End Citizens United organization is to “end big money in politics and fix our rigged political system by electing campaign finance reform champions, passing state ballot measures, and electing this issue in the national conversation.”

End Citizens United is located in Washington, D.C. and their president is Tiffany Muller, former Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Muller, the first openly gay public official in Kansas, has helped lead the organization to elect fifteen public officials to aid them in overturning the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. Recently, the political action committee has endorsed Gary Turner of Wyoming for a seat in the Senate. End Citizens United fund their campaign endeavors with donations from the three million members dedicated to their cause, averaging fourteen dollars donations per member with a five thousand dollar donation cap. In 2018, End Citizens United is expecting to raise thirty-five million dollars to help elect more officials such as Turner and oppose the ‘Big Money 20’.

The Big Money 20 are Republican members of Congress who are accused of accepting substantially large donations, backing legislative efforts that either directly or indirectly benefit the donors of said large donations, or oppose efforts to reform campaign financial matters; therefore, contradicting the notion that their actions are aimed to favor the interest of their constituents rather than themselves. Accused members of the Big 20 include Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, House of Representative Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as congressional representatives from Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, California, and Minnesota. End Citizens United endorses congressional candidates like Gary Turner to oppose members of the Big Money 20 while in Congress.

Eric Lefkofsky Has Found His Purpose

Eric Lefkofsky recently started a company called Tempus, and he is sure that this company is his true purpose in life. Tempus is geared towards helping people fight cancer and similar diseases. This is done through technology that was created and used by leading researchers in the medical field, and these researchers are employed by Tempus.

One of the main ways Tempus helps people fight cancer is through their cell-free biopsy. This allows researchers to analyze cells individually. They can then differentiate between cancer cells and non-cancer cells. Once cancer cells are found they are then targeted by Tempus’ gene editing program. This program literally transforms a person’s genes, so they are free from all hereditary diseases. Patients are required to get regular checkups to make sure their genes remain uncontaminated.

The real joy for Eric Lefkofsky and everyone at Tempus is after cancer cells are found and targeted. The attributes of the cancer cells are entered into Tempus’ digital system. Here, any doctor connected with Tempus can access the uploaded attributes of cancer cells through the digital system. When analyzing cells of their patients, If any of the cells are the same as those in the Tempus digital system, doctors will know that cancer is on the way. This will allow patients to attack cancer before it ever makes it way through the body.

Eric Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan, and he always believed his purpose in life was to be a great businessman. He was always surrounded by businessmen who paved the way for him to become great. He attended Michigan State University and landed an outstanding internship. In no time, Eric established own business and his own brand in the industry.

Though he was successful, Eric always felt like something was missing. He always felt like he wanted to serve his community more. When asked to invest in medical technology that would change the world, he knew this was it.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Social Media:

Dr. Saad Saad on Life, Success, and Career

Saad Saad is a celebrated medical doctor prominently known for his specialty in pediatric surgery. The retired co-medical doctor has initially doubled as a chief surgeon as well. First, he practiced at the Hovnanian Children Hospital located in New Jersey.


Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Palestine where he was born. He had a normal childhood coupled with a setting of eight siblings who were entirely supportive of him as a brother. Currently, records indicate that he has been in the industry of medicine for over thirty-four years. Moreover, the alumnus of Cairo University Medical School majored in pediatric as well as thoracic surgery before heading to England for an internship and later to America to start a new career journey.


Dr. Saad Saad’s fields of practice include circumcisions, small bowel reactions, gastrointestinal conditions, appendectomies, hernia therapies as well as cyst excisions.


As a medical doctor who is trained to provide the specified services in the industry, Dr. Saad Saad has decided to go a notch further into the practice by creating medical inventions to be used in his field of practice. Besides that, he has extended his services beyond the conventional borders by traveling to Jerusalem to perform complicated surgeries.


Dr. Saad Saad received his mentorship and training programs in pediatric surgery from Dr. Biemann Othersen, a man he still considers a mentor. Interestingly, Dr. Biemann Othersen is an experienced pediatric surgeon located in America. He has helped Dr. Saad Saad to grasp a few basics in the practice regardless of every patient’s differences. Some of these differences include faith, ethnicity, and physical capabilities among others.


Over and above all, Dr. Saad has been supportive of his patients. Best known for his kindness and reliability, he has set an exemplary pace that every medical practitioner should emulate. In line with that, he has often believed that some diseases are genetics –linked and must be addressed from that point of view. As such, he advocates for extensive research with the aim of establishing the causative agent from the roots. Saad Saad goes further to state that it is critical to consider other causative agents besides genetics.


Dr. Saad Saad has set an admirable pace in the industry of healthcare. Before he fully retired, he practiced at the New Jersey Eatontown. His practice was relatively encompassing a series of multiple hospitals including the Jersey Shore University Medical Center as well as the Monmouth Medical Center. Aside from that, he worked as a pediatric surgeon in several medical facilities and his experience was a motivational aspect to other medical doctors who practiced within his line. Learn more:


Ronald Fowlkes and Meticulous Work

Ronald Fowlkes is happy to be a business development manager. His passion at work is for products that are part of the commercial and law enforcement categories. His place of employment is Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. Product education is one of Fowlkes’ sectors of expertise. He trains more than 150 different employees who work in the sales division of his company. Fowlkes is in charge of choosing products for sales and development components, too. He works with customers who are based in all parts of the United States. People frequently use his nickname any time they contact him. That nickname is “Ronnie.”


Eagle Industries Unlimited is a sector of a business that’s called ATK. ATK concentrates on sporting and security goods of all varieties. It’s been involved in the development of sporting and military products for three decades and counting at this point. People who are familiar with the tactical industry often have a lot of confidence in Eagle Industries Unlimited and in its offerings. The firm supplies professionals with all kinds of top-tier items. It accommodates military groups located in all areas of the planet. It even accommodates people who like to participate in shooting for recreation. Individuals who do not wish to settle for any products that are not number one frequently go for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s plentiful options.


People can turn to Eagle Industries Unlimited any time they’re in need of gear for reloading needs. It even concentrates on accessories for shooting. It’s an acclaimed ATK division that refers to Fenton in Missouri as its home base.


Fowlkes is equipped with substantial experience that empowers him in his business development leadership position at work. He was part of the United States Marine Corps for quite some time beginning in the late eighties. He remained part of the military organization until the early nineties. Fowlkes has Gulf War memories that are close to his heart to this day. His military instruction experience is strong, too. He taught people who were in the military all about tactical functions, the rescuing of hostages and even CBQ (Civilian Bachelor Quarters). Fowlkes possesses a lot of knowledge that involves assessments that take place after blasts. He even knows how to round up all types of evidence. Fowlkes has a lot of knowledge regarding the police department located in St. Louis County. He worked for it for three memorable years.


Fowlkes likes to write blogs on topics that get his interest. That’s the reason his blogs frequently delve into the world of sports. He recently posted a blog that talked about Jeff Glass. Glass has after a long period of time been able to make his way over to the National Hockey League (NHL).


The RealReal Gets IPO Ready

The RealReal is getting people excited about the concept of buying used items, and this is something that is making this company one to watch. There has never been a time where people have been as excited about the possibility of getting something that is used than they are about it now.

This is an online IPO that is easily going to be able to have stock that accelerates because this company is doing a lot in sales every year. The sales continue to increase as profit margins grow because more people are getting rid of luxury items. This means that it gives people that may not be able to afford these things new and exciting opportunities to buy these items used.

The RealReal CEO has been able to establish a company that is worthy of an IPO because it is filling a void. There are a lot of fly-by-night companies that fold after a couple of years because the business plan failed to attract a strong customer base. With The RealReal it is obvious that more people are coming on board as they discover this online consignment website. It is getting even more buzz because there are people that are finding out about the physical store that is coming to New York. This is an even better sign of growth and unlimited possibilities that exist for The RealReal.

In most cases a company is not going to be able to go public until there is a level of growth that ensures that there will be opportunities to move further and build more of a customer base.

Opening a physical store is easier for The Realreal because the online sales have already generated so much revenue. This also makes it easier for this company to branch out and become more of a mainstream outlet for people that want discounted luxury items.

The luxury market is something that has not really been tapped into in any of the major cyber stores that sell items. It is true that Amazon sells a lot of used items, but luxury items are a novelty.

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Wes Edens Continues to Lead Fortress after SoftBank Group Acquisition

Principal and Co-Chief Investment Officer continue to lead Fortress Investment Group after the acquisition of the company by SoftBank Group Corp. Wes Edens Co-Founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and quickly transition to Company from startup investment firm to a powerful global conglomerate that heavily trades in alternative asset vehicles.

Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and also Masters in Business Administration as well. After graduation, he began a successful career with Lehman Brothers and quickly advanced within the organization and became a partner and managing director until the transition from the company in 1993.

During his tenure at Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens established himself as an intellectual and analytical astute investor in alternative assets and became one of the more respected and highest performing investment managers within the firm. After his career at Lehman Brothers, he went to BlackRock Private Equity Division of BlackRock Asset Investors where he held the position of partner and managing director as well. Mr. Edens generated a lucrative portfolio for himself at the investment firm.

In 1998, Wes Edens and 5 partners formed the Fortress Investment Group and quickly became one of the more respected and renowned investment firms within the nation. The founding members of Fortress Investment Group were, of course, Wes Edens, Peter Briger, Robert Kaufman, Randall Nardone, and Michael Edward. They formed the organization and quickly began to accelerate profitable returns on investment for themselves and their investment clients. In fact, in 2007, they became the first buyout firm to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The success of Fortress Investment Group and Wes Edens created diverse opportunities for investment in multiple different asset classes. In fact, Wes Edens is co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and has generated a respected return on investment from the acquisition price in comparison to the current value of the organization.

He is one of the more visible and active owners in the NBA and has created a culture within the Milwaukee Bucks organization that has solidified it as one of the up and coming contenders within the NBA. Fortress Investment Group manages various areas of alternative assets including real estate, hedge funds, private equity funds and various other alternative investment instruments to produce high rates of return on investment for its clients. Fortress has over 1750 individual and institutional clients and has a portfolio of assets under management valued at well over $70 billion. After the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group Corp, the leadership within Fortress continued as normal with Wes Edens at the helm.

SoftBank group Corp is a company that specializes in global technology and is quickly pursuing investment opportunities to enhance and propel the information revolution around the globe. SoftBank strategically decided to keep all of the executive team and other management staff to provide stability and consistency in the business model and other congruent aspects of the organization and make an easy transition to foster continued growth within Fortress Investment Group.

Contact Wes Edens:

Jeunesse Global fights oxidative stress with Reserve

Medical science has long known that red wine offers real, substantive protection against heart disease and other disease entities related to the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. Although scientists were puzzled as to why habitual wine drinkers were often significantly healthier than their teetotalling peers, today, researchers have established a few key ingredients in red wine that are largely responsible for the protective benefits of this miraculous beverage.

One of the key ingredients that have been isolated from red wine and studied as a means of conferring many of the benefits of the drink is known as resveratrol. Until now, it has been difficult for mainstream consumers to get ahold of products that offer a means of palatably consuming this important health-boosting substance. But with Reserve, the first resveratrol-containing health drink offered by Jeunesse Global, people all across the globe can tap into the salutary effects of red wine consumption without having to assume the attendant risks that come with imbibing alcohol.

Reserve also contains a number of other isolates from red wine as well as juices from a plethora of so-called superfruits. These include pomegranate, dark cherry, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains therapeutically active ingredients, including aloe vera and green tea.

Refreshing waves of flavor filled with antioxidants. 🌊🍇 #Reserve #Jeunesse

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But the most powerful benefit of Reserve may be that it allows people to consume the same ingredients that give wine its health-promoting effects without exposing them to the considerable damage that can be caused by alcohol. Even though doctors know that drinking two glasses of wine each day can significantly lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and peripheral artery disease, most major medical associations still shy away from recommending that those who do not currently drink wine begin doing so.

This is because the risks associated with alcohol consumption are so severe that, taken in the aggregate, they outweigh the powerful benefits of moderate red wine consumption. With Reserve, Jeunesse Global has found a way to keep the benefits while reducing the costs to zero.

Reserve is just one example of the many innovative products being developed by Jeunesse Global, which is quickly making a name for itself as a global leader in health and beauty.

OSI Food Solutions Amps Up Chicken Production After Tyson Plant Buyout

OSI Food Solutions continues to expand, as evidenced by the recent purchase of a Chicago area Tyson manufacturing facility. According to Cook County Records, the Tyson Foods plant was bought for $7.4 million. While the money may help Tyson restructure its organization, the sale of the plant may have done more for the people and economy of Chicago.

Before news of the deal was made public, Tyson Foods had reported that they would be forced to close the plant. The shutdown would have meant putting 480 people out of work and the organization was already beginning to trim its belt. At the time OSI Food Solutions took possession of the plant, there were still 250 employees on staff. Instead of letting them go, OSI stated that each person would be offered a job.

The former Tyson plant is near another OSI facility, which is what drew the company’s interest. The new acquisition will be used to support the existing plant and help promote future growth. In a statement, Kevin Scott, who is the senior executive V.P. for OSI North America, said the company’s customer base is continuing to evolve. As such, the new plant will help meet increased demands more efficiently.

OSI Food Solutions Boosts Chicken Manufacturing

Elsewhere, OSI is amping up chicken processing to meet higher demands. In Toledo, Spain, the corporation installed a high capacity production line, costing over €17 million, so chicken products could be processed faster. The improvement will double the 12,000 tons of chicken previously processed at the plant each year.

The upgrade will bring the total production of meat products, consisting of pork and beef, as well as chicken, up to an annual total of 45,000 tons. Additionally, the new line has created 20 jobs, bringing the workforce for that one plant up to 160 people.

José María del Río, who serves as the OSI Spain managing director, revealed that chicken demand is up in Spain and in Portugal. As a result, the company needs to increase production to meet that higher demand. Over the last ten years, there’s been an average increase of 6% in the demand for chicken products. In the last three years, that ratio has risen by 8% for the region.

As OSI Food Solutions grows to meet increased customer demands, their facilities may see even further upgrades to existing production technology. The higher demand may be the result of people looking for healthier eating options or it may just be a response to a growing population. In any case, OSI is eager to meet the needs of its global customer base.