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Gregory James And The National Steel Car Limited

Also known as Greg Aziz, Gregory J. Aziz was born and raised in Ontario and later in life joined his family’s business. The firm was involved with Affiliated Foods that was sold in wholesale, with its primary markets in Eastern Canada and the United States. The family enterprise got its foods from mainly Europe, Central America, and South America. Together with his wife, Irene, James Aziz is involved with an agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Gregory studied at the Western University majoring in Economics and has shown many interesting skills like leadership, strategic planning, project management, and engineering among many others.

Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car Limited and serves for the National Industries, Inc. National Steel Car Limited is a group of car engineering and manufacturing companies situated in Ontario. He acquired the company in 1994 from Dofasco and made it the leading freight car manufacturer in North America. National Steel Car has not only grown manufacturing volume, but it has also created new job opportunities as compared to the time it was purchased. Being the only railroad freight car in North America, National Steel Car has been honored on several occasions like the TTX SECO, which is a re-known award that has recognized the organization since the year 1996. The company is ISO certified and has owned the honor for more than eighteen years.

National Steel Car has been committed to charitable activities especially in Hamilton by sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius among other projects. According to Greg, the success of his company has been attributed to his team of employees who have always stuck to their purpose and core values, which are to manufacture the highest quality of cars and providing the most reliable customer delivery services. In return, their customers have been loyal, and the suppliers never disappoint. The company also has a habit of not settling for their past achievements and success; instead, it concentrates on pursuing new areas and ways to satisfy the diversified needs of the customers.

In an article in 2015, National Steel Car agreed with an announcement made by the Minister of Transport Lisa Ritt on the North American harmonized regulations about stronger and safer rail tank cars meant to carry flammable liquids. The report shed some light on safety regulations for the customers of National Steel Cars.




ClassDojo is a mobile application that connects teachers, parents and students allowing them to share school encounters. It was launched in 2011 and enables parents to keep in-check of their children’s learning progress. Also, parents can make recommendations on their children’s performance. The application designed to help teachers educate their students in a favourable socio-emotional behaviour and for creating a friendly environment for learning. Other advantages of ClassDojo include:

Data Sharing

ClassDojo is exemplary in sharing data. Teachers used it to keep a record of the behaviour of students which are later emailed to their parents. Every Friday parents receive emails reminding them to have a look at their children’s application once they are connected to the platform. This enables them to keep track of their children’s behaviour and give them advice often.

Parental Involvement

The platform allows parents to be part and parcel of their children’s daily school activities through the reports emailed to them by teachers. Thus they can take part in their children’s excellence in school.

Time Management

ClassDojo enables teachers to save time in classrooms through the recording of conduct and accomplishment of students in just a click. Whether a student is late for class or fails to complete assignments the teacher will feed this to ClassDojo in just a tick.

Kick starts conversation between parents and children

Through the reports that parents get daily, weekly or monthly; they can engage their children in their progress in school. More often than not, they will find themselves counselling their children on either their conduct or performance in academics. Parents also get to know which areas their children need assistance and in turn, can consult their teachers to help them.

Organisation and behavioral improvement of the student

The ClassDojo application helps in setting up and organizing classes. Each student is assigned an avatar and students can get an instant response once their avatar is clicked on. Students will improve their behaviour since they like gaining dojo points.


How Securus Helps to Secure Prison Calls

Are you aware that you can securely talk to your incarcerated inmate? Securus, an American based prison technological firm assures you this. The company is well known for providing correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. With a headquarter base in Texas at Carrolton and Allen and another branch in Atlanta Georgia, Securus has grown. With an estimated market of over 2,600 links, you can only hope for more milestones.


The rise in cell phone security threat in prisons in the United States has stimulated Securus to come up with effective and urgent solution. Early this year, the company introduced a wireless Containment Solution that inhibits illegal mobile connections. If, for example, an inmate has a contraband cell phone, he or she will not be allowed to access the network. Eventually, any potential cell phone malpractice is prevented.


Gone are the days when you would get threats from relatives or unknown inmates and you spend days deliberating on the peril. The technological firm ensures that inmates get legal phone calls that are well monitored and can be traced. You should not worry about communicating to your loved ones in jail.


With Securus, you can secure an online account to effectively communicate with them. The Public Safety Solution aspect ensures that there are no incidents in the event of the communication. The presence of biometric solutions from the company makes it easy to track a contraband cell communication and thus prevents any malpractice from happening.


The contributions of Securus in the United States and Canada is immense and worth applauding. The steps that the company has taken to ensure security in and outside prison are worth a Nobel Award. I think all communities worldwide should employ the technology in their operations. With a longstanding reputation, Securus assures you of quality and secured prison communication service.


EOS lip balm’s new crystal clear lip balm that will dazzle consumers

Lip balm is an everyday essential for most women. They carry them in their purses, bags, and are at home. It keeps chapped, cracked, and dry lips moisturized from harsh weather conditions that include harmful rays from the sun. There’s a new product coming on the market from fan favorite, EOS lip balm. More great beauty news here on

About a decade ago EOS was launched by three brilliant minds Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller. It was a lip balm like no other. With colorful, fun, and inviting orb-like shape and out of this world flavors, it was a instant hit. Everyone from celebrities to top fashion and beauty magazine were falling in love with the cute little lip balm orbs, more beauty hints here. It has been featured in music videos, in commercials, in ads, on music tours, all with the help of well-known celebrities. EOS has even made brand deals with Disney, Keds shoes, and Rachael Roy, the fashion designer. They have a huge social media following that has millions of followers. EOS has a new products coming on the market. They are expanding with a new product called Crystal Clear. It is completely see through and oh-so amazing! It is completely wax-free, thus vegan, for you animal lovers out there. They are launching these in the month of August, so get ready. They come will two delicious flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid and will retail for $4.99 each, see it here at These amazing new pods are packed full with 5 essential oils to smooth dry and cracked lips to perfection. This is an complete upgrade compared to the usual orbs you can buy at the store. It is also slightly less round than the original version. If you are wanting to try these two new flavors you don’t have to wait any longer. They are sold all over the nation in countless stores including Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and much more! EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. All of their products are organic and all natural.

Watch this amazing review here on


Talk Fusion Transforms Tech into Teaching

Talk Fusion is a tech company known for innovative solutions. The company recently launched a program that’s unique even for such an inventive company. The new “Talk Fusion University” program is designed to teach people about success. Success might seem like a difficult concept to put into words. When discussing the new program, Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina, expanded on the difficulties of putting success into a narrow definition.


One of the main points Reina discussed relates to how much of one’s own success has to do with others. Success in the business world will seldom rest solely on one’s own shoulders. Instead, Reina points out that it should be seen as a team effort. This idea forms the heart of the new Talk Fusion University system. Learn more:


Reina is using the system to lay out the truths of success in the business world to his Talk Fusion associates. It’s easy to see how everyone benefits from the plan. The individuals using Talk Fusion University will now have the tools needed to push themselves even further down the road to success. Meanwhile the company benefits from the increased skill and productivity displayed by people who’ve been through the program.


What’s more, the program itself should prove tremendously effective due to the technologies being used. Talk Fusion has always been on the forefront of multimedia development. The program itself can be expected to make use of these technologies in a variety of new and groundbreaking ways. This is further enhanced by Reina’s track record for clear and concise discussion. As a frequent contributer to HuffPost he’s become quite well known for his ability to lay out complex ideas in an easy to understand fashion.


Anyone familiar with Talk Fusion will understand why the program is such a good match for the company. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 as a response to an increasingly cluttered multimedia landscape. The company was able to provide the world with the first all in one video marketing solution. And since that time they’ve refined their products into something that can perfectly match a wide variety of busness plans. Talk Fusion is a conpany known for innovative solutions. As such, it’s little surprise to see that they’ve manged to once again put something truely new into the world.


Follow Jason Hope to Identify Value in Futuristic Technologies

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist from Arizona. As a futurist, he is adept at predicting technology trends. He is a firm believer in opportunities created by the internet of things. He provides businesses with the advisory on strategies to maximize emergent technologies. Jason Hope has published numerous technology articles. He explores connected technologies, trends, security, applications as well as strategies to discover the value of developing technologies.

Jason Hope is vocal about the impact of technology on our lives and business. Modern technology helps harmonize people, things, and places. Take the internet of things for example. It will only get bigger and make our lives more connected. He believes there is opportunity for businesses to provide utility solutions to consumers. The technology is eliminating waste and redundancy in technology and improving lives.

Smart technology has also increased confidence in public transport systems. This has resulted in better uptake, less pollution, and quicker logistics for businesses. He is also a keen advocate of using social media marketing strategies. The platforms empower businesses to grow new opportunities. You can generate new leads, share news and stay relevant with millions of potential customers through social media.

Most of Jason Hope’s investments are in the technology sector. His expansive portfolio includes companies involved in online marketing services, business information systems, digital media and interactive solutions. He is the founder of Jawa, a mobile communications firm. He challenges entrepreneurs to use doubt to fuel change and growth.

Jason Hope is a passionate philanthropist. He supports education, scientific research, and biotechnology. He also backs local educational programs providing all-round education. He donates to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit that promotes rejuvenation bio-technologies that focus on slowing down aging. He is confident that anti-aging therapies being developed will be able to prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s, lung cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

He is also associated with numerous other charities. These include the International Education Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International and the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. He also works as a director of the Arizona Science Center. He also provides grants to youth technology startups.

EOS Keeps Getting Better

EOS and Its True Evolution

EOS Stands for Evolution Of Smooth. This is a company that was created for women. For around a century, the lip balm that was most popular in the world was Chapstick. Chapstick is a lip balm that is unisex, and it comes in the same flavors that it was originally made with a long time ago. Even though people got used to the look and the feel of Chapstick, the creators of EOS wanted to be able to do something different. The creators of EOS were able to make a product that was specifically marketed and designed for women, check this out. In order to make a unique lip balm product, the creators of EOS went out and surveyed women from different walks of life. They asked them about what things they wanted from a lip balm, and they got a variety of answers. From the results of the surveys, the Evolution Of Smooth creators were able to make the unique EOS pods that have become quite popular today.


News About EOS

Recently, US Magazine did an article about EOS lip balm, see EOS has been doing even more to improve their lip. Now they have crystal-clear EOS balms. This is a see-through version of their most popular balm recipe; it comes in new flavors. This new lip balm comes in an updated pod, and it is a little bit less round than the regular pod. The flavors for these clear as crystal EOS lip balms are hibiscus peach and vanilla. Apart from creating new lip balms, EOS has decided to add five essential oils into each one of their already amazing balms.


We Love EOS

EOS is known around the world as the most popular female lip balm, and with these amazing change that they are carrying out, EOS’s popularity is sure to continue to soar in popularity. Collect and buy your chosen lip balm here on


Top 4 EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The perfect pouty lip carries a dash of color and if you are looking for something that is going to look good while making your lips healthy, EOS Lip Balm is the perfect option. It offers protection from heat and sun while adding color to your lips. If you are looking for something that smells good and feels good, here are some options for you to choose from. View this related site,

A favorite flavor choice for most is the Blueberry Acai, see product here. The blueberry acai is found inside of the blue case and carries a fragrance like no other. It will provide your lips with the antioxidants that it needs and contains organic ingredients inside of it.

Another favorite that people choose to use is the Pomegranate Raspberry. The crimson case is going to carry a lip balm that is going to help to heal chapped lips while helping to bring nourishment to your lips. It contains a number of natural extracts in it that will help to bring your pouty lips out.

If you are looking for a touch of summer, EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit is going to bring summer to you no matter what time of year it is. The fruity exotic flavors include strawberry as well as blueberry and peach. The case is red and carries a line of moisturizers that will help to heal dry, chapped lips.

Are you a melon lover? What if you could have a lip balm that gave you a taste of melon without having to actually consume it? Well, EOS lip balm flavors can. The honeysuckle honeydew is one choice that people love. It will leave your mouth smelling like real honeydew which helps to make your lips smoothen as well as to revitalize them. Not only will your lips be smoother, they will also be softer. Purchase your lip balm here on

Visit their website here on


Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega Managing A Prosperous Media Firm

     There are a number of media firms in Mexico. But the most prosperous and reputed is Grupo Televisa, S.A. It is big enough to dominate the media space in Mexico. This also means that the company has to compete intrinsically on a continual basis in order to maintain the pace that it has already set for itself in the Mexican markets. It has to compete with the standards that it has set for itself.

Nearly half the population of Mexico is relying on Grupo Televisa, S.A. for all their information as well as entertainment purposes. This company is already having a reputation for stellar reporting along with providing an exquisite presentation. This company has made a lot of investment in its television as well as printing networks. Televisa has the largest printing press in the world that is in the Spanish language. Besides, it has four broadcasting networks for television too. The company has an immense capacity and hence able to reach out to more than 225 television stations all across Mexico. This way it is able to reach out to more than 90 percent population of Mexico.

Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega has promoted Grupo Televisa, S.A. that is the most preferred among the Mexicans. Nearly 70 percent of the total viewership of Mexico is enjoyed by Televisa. This is because it provides over 50, 000 hours of telenovelas annually. In Mexico, Telenovelas are the latest sensation. These are top quality telenovelas that are liked by all.

The leadership of Televisa has made a major difference here. The Executive Vice President of this company is Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. He has been with this company since a long time. He has already proved his mettle. He has greatly contributed to building this company. Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega joined Televisa in 1997. By 2009 he became the chairperson of the finance committee of this company.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Role as Top CFO in the Mexican Media Front

     The Mexican media sector has seen a number of significant changes and improvements over the past two decades. True to the changes, it is now common to see new media companies. Subsequently, the companies are slowly changing the dynamics of the sector. The magazine segment has been the most affected by this and is becoming more interesting by the day. Popular magazines such as Nexos, Proceso, and Letra Libres have since established themselves with their niches.

The most influential media platform, television, has been dominated by two major players in Mexico, that is, Televisa and Azteca. Each of these has two major channels that dominate most of the Mexican audience’s living rooms. Other television stations in the country mostly comprise of an institution-run channel that is mostly limited to showing purely cultural content. For the two giants, exceptional personnel seems to be the order of the day that drives the success. One such person is Televisa’s CFO, Salvi Rafael.


About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Viadero currently works as Grupo Televisa’s Chief Finance Officer. Besides this, he is also on the company’s board of directors. Prior to joining Televisa, he was the boss at another company, Comercio MAS SA de CV. The National Banking and Securities Commission of Mexico also saw him at the helm as chairperson. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero linked up with Televisa fifteen years ago and has diligently worked for the company to date.

The CFO was recently listed among the top 25 CFOs in Mexico. This recognition can be attributed to his ability to bring about excellent numbers regarding profits to Televisa. It all boils down to appropriate strategic planning and great execution on Salvi’s part. His experience in big firms has shaped him to the great CFO he is today at Grupo Televisa.