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Sergey Petrossov: A Brief Introduction the Serial Entrepreneur’s Career Life

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is an app that allows private jet travel to cost less for people and be more understandable as well. The headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale but they have offices in locations such as London and Saudi Arabia. Both the Founder and CEO of this innovative app is serial entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov. According to Petrossov, 120 flights are available each day worldwide. The members of this app can go on previous flights, or they can manage their time or date for the trip. This service is currently available to more than 3,200 airplanes in 172 countries. This service comes for $15,000 for year one, and every year after that is $10,000. Finally, by 2017 the company already had 260 people working for them.


Sergey Petrossov lived in both Colorado and South Florida but finally moved to South Florida before being a teenager. For his college education, he studied finance at the University of Florida. However, college was not a high priority of his as he was more interested in getting to work on his first startup. This startup would allow chat for audio and video to appear on website customer service. He would be the co-founder of this start-up due to joining early. Here, he learned that a lot of value can come out of technology in less time. That made him confident that starting up companies and working in tech was something he wanted to spend his life doing.

Next, Sergey Petrossov decided to turn to private jet activation in 2009 after someone told him about a private jet company in South Florida. He then was invited to go on a flight and was asked for potential help on growing the company into Eastern Europe and Russia. He started doing consulting work while he was working on launching an ed-tech startup. Moving forward to 2012 he decided to create a real-time pricing engine. He and his small team would build a beta and prototype and gave it to the people they do who fly. The company would then get launched in March 2013.

Ara Chackerian; The Angel Investor

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He belongs to the state of Florida. He completed his education with a bachelor’s level degree in marketing after which he ventures to start a business on his own. Presently, he is based in San Francisco. His business career consists of a high number of different start-ups and successful companies. After achieving considerable success in the realms of business markets, he turned his attention more towards philanthropy related ventures. The area he focuses on the most is the area of healthcare. This is because he firmly believes in revolutionizing the world of the medical field. This, according to him can be done by investing and providing capital to these medical ventures which are endeavoring to bring about the much-needed innovation in this field.

The past of the medical field shows that the biggest medical innovations and breakthroughs were not usually brought on by major firms, but by those who were working on a much smaller level, but we’re working towards achieving a change in the said field. The history also proves that these changes can be of monumental importance in saving lives on a global level. This is why Ara Chackerian has ventured to invest heavily in such ventures which are working to bring about the different innovations in the medical field. Apart from his interest in the medical field, he is also very interested in the area of sustaining the environment.

This is due to the fact that he has closely observed how different human activities have led to the harm of the environment. The effects of these activities have made themselves known and as a result, temperatures are rising, glaciers and melting and species are becoming extinct. Efforts need to be made to counter such an effect before it is too late.


Tj Maloney Talks Lincolnshire Excitement

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is a private equity company based in New York with an office in Chicago that specializes in middle-market companies. Since 1986, the firm has invested in and acquired companies that primarily operate as manufacturing, distribution, and services businesses.

Recently, Lincolnshire announced that it would be introducing four new team members to help grow the company’s portfolio. Lincolnshire Chairman and CEO, Tj Maloney, spoke about the four new team members in a statement. He mentioned how exciting it was to have Matthew Nacier back at the company and to welcome Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen to the firm.

Matthew Nacier used to work as an Analyst in 2014, but left to work with another company. He returned to Lincolnshire as a Senior Associate. He specializes in go-to-market strategies, add-on acquisitions identification and diligence experience, and growth opportunities analyst.

Nicolas Vega Llona used to work with several industries, including automotive, agro-export, and construction industries at a company called Grupo Alese. He served as their Director of Business Development and Finance. He joined Lincolnshire alongside Nacier as a new Senior Associate.

The two young professionals joining the company are Yashna Ginodia and G. Stolt-Nielsen. They’re joining Lincolnshire as Analysts. Both recently graduated from their respective universities and have a small amount of real-world experience working on due diligence teams. Ginodia used to conduct diligence at Noonmark Capital, and Stolt-Nielsen worked at a Norwegian company the summer before joining Lincolnshire Management.

Tj Maloney, an active member on the Investment committee is also actively involved with the firm’s portfolio companies. He believes working closely to ensure their success is the best way to ensure Lincolnshire’s success. Tj Maloney learned his hands-on approach while practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. Shortly after leaving law, Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management Inc.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick Has One Of The Most Innovative Websites

Kisling Nestico & Redick are one of the fastest growing and most successful personal injury law firms in the state of Ohio. The firm is not only the fastest growing and most successful but it is also the largest law firm in the state of Ohio as well.

The law firm was founded back in 2005 by three attorneys by the names of Gary Kisling, Robert Nestico, and Robert Redick. Kisling Nestico & Redick does not only get their clients settlements but they are also great trial attorneys as well. The Firm currently has a total of 450 million dollars earned for their clients in settlements and by jury trial.

The law firm is very generous and has an extremely strong philanthropic nature. Kisling Nestico & Redick has a foundation called KNR Cares About Kids. This Foundation is specifically for children around the entire state of Ohio to help them get everything that they need to be successful in life. 

Law Firm Donates Food To Children During Spring Break

The New York Times and an organization called the Webby Awards has awarded Kisling Nestico & Redick the Webby Award for having one of the most innovative and creative websites.This awards has been around for 23 years and came into play shortly after websites started to be invented.

The Webby Award is given for innovative websites in each business category Kisling Nestico & Redick received the award in the category of law. Kisling Nestico & Redick did not just win the award but they received the honoree award and very few candidates receive this award. There is only about 20 percent of companies who receive the honoree award.

What makes the website for Kisling Nestico & Redick stand out is that while creating the website they were able to envision what potential questions and concerns that clients would have while navigating through the website.

They made the website very user friendly and just an easy process for clients to encounter. The clients were able to friend all the answers to their questions right on the website with having to pick up the phone and call someone. These are all the things that would qualify a company to win a Webby Award. 

Raffaele Riva Helps New Startups Grow As An Angel Investor

Raffaele Riva has a busy life as an angel investor who is constantly balancing his life between the worlds of New York City and London. While it may only be 5 in the morning in New York City, meetings are already done and days have already started as it is already 10 am in London. This means that Raffaele Riva has to start his day very early to make sure that he has the time to coordinate with his business across the oceans, but this is a normal part of being an international angel investor. While he may always seem to busy, he wishes he could have told himself to slow it down just a little bit in his older years. He has been racing his life for the last decade and a half and while he considers himself one of the luckiest people in the world, he wishes he had worried a lot less when he was just getting into the business of angel investing so many years ago.

One of the ways that Raffaele Riva is able to stay so productive is by meticulously planning almost every aspect of his day. The team that Raffaele Riva is surrounded by in his business life helps him stay on task and schedule. It’s important to make sure that you have the right team behind you to help keep you on task if you have a hard time doing it yourself. Having an administrative assistant may end up having a bigger impact on your day then you may have realized and he suggests that anyone who is a “big picture” person considers hiring one to help them through their busy days.

There are a lot of benefits to angel investing that Raffaele Riva enjoys besides the financial incentives that have come with his career. He enjoys being able to help other people achieve their dreams as he has been able to do during his career. Raffaele Riva enjoys being able to work with the teams that are part of his investment portfolio and knowing the stories behind all of the brands he is helping to grow.

Matt Fleeger and Awareness

Business professionals such as Matt Fleeger know that running a business can take its toll. He would also know that one can counteract these situations by indulging in good acts and habits that would help one to drive on real value to the world.

When one is able to practice good behaviors, they can then go ahead and do well within their work. This is not something that is forced but something that is done by interacting and almost by default.

That is why Matt Fleeger will learn to grow from many places.

The NBPA is Aware of the Struggles that Many Players Go Through

Much like others who have been studying the NBA’s approach to mental health in the past few years and the players’ behavior in light of their stressful lives, Parham also believes that “there’s a lot of evidence” of players struggling with mental health. He also highlights that the issue has been going on for many years, and while it would take some serious efforts to change it, the association is on the correct path for that.

He also outlines that accepting that you are going through mental health issues is often seen as a sign of weakness, while it shouldn’t be the case. That is the mindset that the NBPA is trying to change now.

And those efforts have been translating to tangible results quite effectively. In addition to Love and DeRozan, All-Star Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) and Keyon Dooling have also gone on record to open up about their mental health results.

With active and former players talking about their mental health and wellness journey, and giving hope and inspiration to current and aspiring players as a result, Parham believes that the association is now headed towards the right track.

Opportunity is knocking at the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art university is on the cutting edge of its industry. Open since 1929, the academy regularly produces graduates that enter into many diverse fields including advertising, graphic design, landscape architecture and music production. Its success can be traced back to two things. Its emphasis on hands on experience and the ability of its alumni to find opportunities to network. Many of the teachers are industry professionals themselves and cultivate new talent in their classroom that they later promote. This emphasis on networking is evident starting at the very beginning of a student’s career in the academy. Although it does not always lead to an immediate job, the connections students make can prove helpful in a few years as they advance in their careers. Another thing that sets the academy apart is its open-door policy. Anyone that desires to put in the effort will be accepted and has the opportunity to prove themselves even if they do not yet have an art portfolio.

Perhaps this emphasis on networking and hands on skills culminates best in the Annual Spring Show. This year’s show just ended with its winners proudly displaying their work at the university for a few months. The event showcases forty different disciplines that are taught at the Academy of Art and is open to the graduating class of that year. Students can proudly show off their years of hard work to their fellow gradates, former teachers, family, friends and most importantly the many professionals that go to these events looking for new talent. This is a rare opportunity to have opportunity find you and it can often be some big opportunity. Some major companies from Nickelodeon to Disney and Marvel to Double Negative have a presence at the Annual Spring Show often meeting with students to discuss the work they submitted.

One good example of the institute’s success is the ANM or the School of Animation & Visual Effects. It is one of the most sought after programs in the school because it has the highest rate of students finding jobs at professional VFX companies. This is due to its emphasis on industry skills that students learn through in house production working with commercial and independent films.

How Entrepreneur Laerte Codonho’s Innovative Concept Helped Build A Global Brand

Creating and operating a company with a long track record of success takes a lot of work. Entrepreneur Laerte Codonho is an example of someone who has been able to achieve a lengthy amount of success. Codonho is the creator of Dolly, a Brazilian soft drink manufacturer. 


Dolly is the first Brazilian soda company to create a diet soda drink. The innovative concept allowed Dolly to become successful during its initial launch. The soft drink was popular all over Brazil, quickly receiving national recognition. Thanks to the success of the initial launch, Codonho decided to create the Dolly Guarana, a soft drink made from guarana fruit. There is a large segment of the market in Brazil that enjoys beverages made from guarana. Dolly soon became one of the leading soft drink producers in Brazil(Istoedinheiro). 

Codonho’s Commitment To Marketing 

Dolly grew its fan base through creating quality products that left customers satisfied. Codonho notes that Brazilian law prohibited the sale of diet soda while he was brainstorming ideas for Dolly. Codonho did some research on how successful Dolly could be.  Laerte Codonho notes that Dolly has several laboratories that allow the company to test every product before it is released to the public. Codonho says that the company evaluates the materials used to design the drink to ensure that the products are safe. There are also daily taste tests to ensure that every bottle of Dolly meets the quality taste standards. 

Codonho has also created several marketing campaigns to help appeal to consumers. One of the most popular marketing plans was his idea of creating Dollynho, the company mascot. Dollynho is a walking bottle of soda. Dollynho has become a popular figure in Brazil and other parts of South America. Dollynho has been used to promote the company over the internet, as well as during different media appearances. 

Codonho’s success with Dolly proved that he could handle the day to day aspects of running a successful company. Codonho looks forward to watching how the company does as the global economy continues to evolve. 

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How Andrey Andreev Became The King Of Relationship Apps

Andrey Andreev is a London, England-based entrepreneur. Born in Russia, he has launched multiple companies over the years including multiple relationship apps. These apps have been used by more than 500 million people around the world. He created Magic Lab which is the umbrella organization for all of his businesses. He owns the biggest relationship apps in the world. The first of these is Badoo which now has more than 425 million users. Andrey Andreev founded this app in 2006. In 2014, he provided the money and structure to launch Bumble. 

This app has more than 55 million users. He founded Chappy in 2017 which is a dating app that provides a safe space for gay people to date. In 2018, he founded Lumen which is a dating app targeted at people in their 50s and older. He announced that Magic Lab would be spending $100 million to launch more relationship apps (Globaldatinginsights). 

The money will be spent to identify innovative entrepreneurs and product visionaries. It will support these people and their ideas on ways to bring people together. He will incubate startups and pay for their marketing. Andrey Andreev says that he will personally review all ideas that are submitted to Magic Lab. He will provide some of the applicants with an opportunity to meet him in person and discuss possibly partnering on their idea.

He was born in Moscow. Both of his parents were scientists which helped ignite his interest in science and technology. He grew up getting a lot of technology-related toys to play with. Andrey Andreev planned on pursuing a degree at the University of Moscow but quickly dropped out. He instead moved to Spain and started traveling around Europe because he wanted to see the world. You can find more information at Businessinsider articles reviews about Badoo´s or all his dating apps figures. 

He founded his first company in 1995 which was Virus. This was an e-commerce site on which Russians could buy computers and related accessories. Andrey Andreev sold this company two years later and used the money to pay off his traveling expenses. He started two more technology firms before launching his first dating app and not looking back.

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Aaron Lupuloff – Changing Education for the Better

The Importance of Education

Education has always been an important part of an individuals life and their chances of being a successful and vital part of society. It is no wonder why the powers that be want to pour millions into the educational system to ensure that our youth become productive citizens in the future. Because of education’s importance, is why there is a constant need for reformation and improvement. The United States as a whole, has been struggling for years to compete with other countries to produce mentally athletic youths that are interested in science and mathematics. The government in the United States hopes that persuading youth to become interested in science and mathematics, will ensure productive adults in those fields of study.

Education has always been an important part of an individuals life and their chances of being a successful and vital part of society. It is no wonder why the powers that be want to pour millions into the educational system to ensure that our youth become productive citizens in the future. Because of education’s importance, is why there is a constant need for reformation and improvement. The United States as a whole, has been struggling for years to compete with other countries to produce mentally athletic youths that are interested in science and mathematics. The government in the United States hopes that persuading youth to become interested in science and mathematics, will ensure productive adults in those fields of study.

According to, as of today, one of the best educational reformation exist in Gwinnett County, Georgia thanks to Aaron Lupuloff. Mr. Lupuloff has shown with proven success that it is not all about standardized tests when it comes to changing education for the better. Because of his program the state of Georgia has shown major improvements in education compared to the other states in the U.S. In addition, it has helped to boost America’s standing in academic prowess among other countries.

Why Reformation and Standardized Tests work

Aaron Lupuloff hopes that by using standardized will not only aid in boosting better statistics in our educational system; but also make a tremendous affect on the youth in general. The standard test has a societal affect as well; by students achieving on the test it will ensure that these same students will have an opportunity at better jobs and a better lifestyle. Therefore, Lupuloff’s approach is to create productive students that will transfer into productive adults. Lupuloff’s approach also suggest that with this transfer, it will increase the chances of lowering crime, lowering the need public assistance, and giving the youth future prospects of a good career.

Aaron Lupuloff has also created a foundation with the support of the community and educators to support the advancement of the educational system. Since poor educated youth could impact society as a whole; it makes since that parents, educators, and the community work together to ensure students achieve academic success. This is the approach that Mr. Lupuloff uses with his foundation and the funding they receive. For more details about Aaron you can visit