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OSI Industries Collaboration with Impossible Foods Beefs Up Production

Animals have been hunted and eaten for survival since the beginning of time. With the evolution of food technology, bio-technologists have created plant-based food sources that are sustainable and taste like real meat. Compton-based food company Impossible Foods has joined OSI Industries, a distribution company originating in Aurora, Illinois, and uses genetic engineering to create a meat substitute that closely mimic flavor and texture. Impossible Burgers are plant-based meat products composed of 21 ingredients including water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, yeast extract, and soy protein base. While not organic, Impossible Burgers are halal and kosher. Impossible technology also makes the burger bleed like red meat. Find out more about of OSI at Craft

OSI Industries has already installed Impossible Food-capable equipment and have begun production this past August. The OSI Industries merger came to fruition after the Impossible Burger demand increased more rapidly than the demand. Large chain restaurants including White Castle, The Cheesecake Factory, and Qdoba currently serve Impossible Food products. Burger King has an Impossible Whopper selling in 59 St. Louis, Missouri locations with great success. This burger chain, globally ranking second behind McDonalds, aspires to expand the Impossible Whopper to their 7,200 national restaurants before 2020.

Servicing over 10,000 restaurants globally, Impossible Foods is esteemed to contribute to the plant-based industry eventually grossing $140 billion. Impossible Burger creator David Lipman perfected his recipe as a generational meat expert; David Lipmanā€™s father owned a meat market in New York. Collaborating with OSI Industries is a great move being that they currently own 65 plants in 17 countries globally. Since the announcement of the business partnership, $300 million dollars has been raised to increase production efforts. Since joining forces with OSI Industries, Impossible Foods has tripled weekly production. With such an increase, Impossible Burger is finally acknowledged as a competitor to existing plant-based company Beyond Meat.


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