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One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards declared Troy McQuagge as the Gold Winner

According to a Press Release on January 10, 2017, from Fort Worth, Texas, One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards has declared Troy McQuagge, the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group Inc. as the Gold winner of its CEO of the Year Award. This was a remarkable news for Troy who has been working with USHEALTH Group since 2014 and received some similar recognition from other awards programs. However, it is a significant achievement for Troy to win an award from One Planet that is considered the premier awards programs in the USA. Usually, One Planet considers hundreds of organizations and professionals in every sector from the local and global arena and awards them based on their business and professional attainments. This is why this is a very competitive and prestigious award, and Troy was truly delighted to get this one.



Troy Mcquagge has more than 30 years of sales and insurance experience, and he has served in some of the largest organization throughout his career. He has Bachelor Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He has worked with HealthMarket from more than 11 years between 1996 to 2008 and assumed the position of President Agency Marketing Group. Afterward, Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors as its President & CEO in 2010. Since then, he has been working to transform this company into the largest Captives Sales Organizations in the USA focusing on the “Under 65” Health Insurance Market. While working here, he developed some intuitive strategies and solutions that doubled up its growth and profit such as a proprietary Agency Platform and much more. In 2014, Troy assumed the role of President, CEO, and member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc. while working here; Troy again proved his professional excellence by securing record-breaking profit and growth for this group over last three years.



This award from One Planet was a testament to the commitment of Troy and USHEALTH Group to bring in affordable health care solutions. According to Troy, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, and it will be a big motivation for everyone at this group to work even harder in the future. In a meeting with media, Troy also informed that he and his group would continue to develop innovative coverage to solve the healthcare affordability problem for the customers in future.



With more than 30 years of experience in sales and insurance, Troy is considered as the leading executives in his forte. He has been awarded numerous awards by other programs such as Stevie Awards, Golden Bridge Awards and much more. He has a keen interest in Children, Health Care, Civil Rights and involved with some voluntary organizations such as Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas and Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

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